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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lowering The Flag To ½ Mast For A Marxist?

Lowering The Flag To ½ Mast For A Marxist?

On Thursday afternoon, President Barack Obama made a presidential resolution that flags across the country should be flown at half-mast to honor the passing of African revolutionary; Nelson Mandela.

On Friday, Liberty resident and Pickens County Sheriff, Rick Clark noted on his facebook page that he would not comply with the resolution on the grounds that Mandela was neither an American citizen nor served the United States in any official capacity.

While I believe Mandela to be a revolutionary (in all senses of the word - both good & bad) … I do believe Clark is correct on this matter - even in an unaddressed way.

Mandela was a great man. He had a big heart. He was though, also a communist - a marxist! We cannot and should not honor an admitted and detail doctrine adhering marxist with one of our highest honors. The honor is strictly reserved for those AMERICANS that have served our country - military, extraordinary emergency response, exemplary longstanding political office, and notable service to the community, state or country - that's it.

Be serious for a moment - when the Ayatollah passes should we honor him with our highest honor? He is also a world figure recognized for goodness, but is the spiritual leader for radical Islam.

Should we give the honor to the reverend Billy Graham when he passes? Absolutely! He IS an AMERICAN spiritual leader with an exemplary and notable impact on this country.

Please stop saying this is racially motivated or even racially stereotypical of something that would happen in the South.

I'm proud of Clark for doing this not just because it was correct, but it shows me that he stands behind the citizens of Pickens County FIRST! That goes a long way with me - realizing some inevitable future events.

Thank you Sheriff Clark.

Philip Smith
Webmaster, Conservatives Of The Upstate

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