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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A 12 Step Recovery Plan For Our Leaders

12 Step Recovery Plan For Our Leaders
submitted by Johnelle Raines

Our elected leaders have once again caved in and increased the debt ceiling. We are nearly 17 trillion dollars in debt, but yet our leaders do not have the will power to stand their ground and say enough is enough, we have to stop spending and get our debt under control. I think we can officially say our leaders are “SPENDOHOLICS”. This compulsive, uncontrolled desire to spend taxpayer's money to the detriment of our children's future is irresponsible and honestly downright criminal. When a leader continues to ignore the consequences of their spending behavior on the American citizens...I'd say they have an addictive personality problem which I call Spendoholism. Our leaders need to begin the 12 step program immediately. Please send the following 12 steps to your Representative, your Senator, and to Obama:

Admit you are powerless over spending other people's money and your life is unmanageable.

Come to believe there is a God who is greater than you and can restore your sanity.

Make a decision to turn your will and life over the care of God.

Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourself.

Admit to God, yourself, and the taxpayers the exact nature of your wrongs.

Become entirely ready for God to remove all your defects of character.

Humbly ask God to remove your shortcomings.

Make a list of all taxpayers you have harmed and be willing to make amends to them all.

Make a direct amends to the taxpayers wherever possible except when to do so would injure them or others.

Continue to take a personal inventory and when you are wrong promptly admit it.

Seek through prayer to improve your contact with God praying for knowledge of His will for you and the power to carry that out.

Having had this spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, carry this message to other spendoholics and practice these principles in all your affairs.

Maybe, just maybe this will wake them up and serve as an intervention...

Submitted by: 
Johnnelle Raines

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