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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Common Core Questions

Common Core Questions
by Johnnelle Raines

Answer Me This Common Core Supporters!

How can standards which have never been piloted prepare our children for a competitive global economy?

Where is the reliable research which shows CCS will prepare our children for future jobs that don't even exist yet?

Can someone prove how standards for K-3 children can be reliable when not one single experienced K-3 teacher served on the committee responsible for writing them?

How can a one-size-fits-all set of standards accommodate for children's different backgrounds of poverty, dysfunctional family life, and health problems?

Why would we want a National set of standards which promote sameness when the USA was founded on freedom of choice and celebrates individuality?

How does increasing rigor create better test scores? Does raising the hurdle bar prepare an athlete to succeed in jumping that hurdle?

Why would a State waste time adding 15% to the standards if those standards won't be tested on the National test?

Why was David Coleman, the main architect of the standards selected to lead when he has never been a teacher?

How can CCS be an aid to children who move from state to state unless EVERY teacher in EVERY school in EVERY state is teaching the SAME standard on the SAME day at the SAME time and in the SAME way?

How can increasing rigor keep children from experiencing a sense of failure when those children are not developmentally ready for that skill?

How can standards NOT be a curriculum when tests drive the curriculum and curriculum comes from standards?

Who is writing the National test questions and what are their credentials, ideologies and biases?

Where is the proof that standards developed by out of state bureaucrats are better than ones developed by local educators?

What evidence is there to prove a National set of standards will produce higher test scores?

Why are we “re-inventing the wheel” when our public schools produced the greatest generation and put us on the moon?

Where is the evidence of local parental input into Common Core Standards?

Where is the evidence that shows education will improve when all students learn the same things at the same time and have the same standards?

Are our children guinea pigs?

Why do our schools wan to keep throwing money at an unproven set of standards which five education experts would not sign off on their validity?

Doesn't a national curriculum lead to socialism/communism/Marxism?

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