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Monday, April 22, 2013

An Op Ed: "The 3 R's Have Been Replaced"


It has become painfully obvious to me education has fundamentally been transformed. In the past, the main objectives of education came from local communities to teach Johnny the 3 R's ( Reading, Writing and Arithmetic) with no bias or hidden agenda and plenty of ways we could hold our teachers accountable. However, now the main objectives of education come from the Federal Government to teach Johnny 3 C's (Christian Bashing, Constitution Bashing, and Collectivism Celebration) with plenty of hidden agendas and few ways to hold our teachers accountable. Daily it seems I am bombarded by news reports that support my thinking.

Let me start with Christian Bashing. Schools used to begin with morning prayer and a Bible lesson ...well that's gone. Schools used to have a copy of the Ten Commandments hanging in the hallway ...well that's gone. Schools used to call it Christmas vacation...well now it's called Winter Break. Schools used to call it Easter Vacation...well now it's called Spring Break. Schools used to credit God for it's called Evolution. Schools now celebrate Earth Day and speak of Mother Earth while at the same time telling telling Johnny the Bible and Mythology are under the same genre. Schools used to teach the Bible was our true guide for our morals...but now we have Dan Savage invited by professional educators to speak on anti-bullying at a local high school telling our children “learn to ignore the bullshit in the Bible.” And when Christian students walked out in protest for his anti-Bible comments he called them “pansy a**ed.”

Let's move on to Constitution Bashing. Schools used to teach Johnny our form of government is a Constitutional Republic schools teach we are a Democracy. There is a huge difference people! Schools used to teach Johnny to respect the Constitution and God endowed us with certain Johnny is taught the Constitution is outdated and Government gives us rights and can legislate them away. It used be okay for Johnny to own a gun and go hunting after school but now Johnny can't even chew a pop tart and make it look like a gun. Johnny used to could speak openly about his love of Jesus in school but now he is told this might “offend” someone.

Let's move on to Collectivism Celebration. Schools used to teach Johnny succeeding as an individual was paramount for his future. Johnny's teacher would brag on how Johnny is so creative in the block center and can build an intricate bridge! Johnny's parents are told he may grow up to be a successful engineer! Now Johnny's teacher reprimands him at block center because he is not “sharing” the blocks equally. When the other children knock over his intricate bridge, Johnny is told not to be mad but to happily share the blocks. After all, his need is not as important as the groups need to have equal amounts of blocks. (It doesn't matter that Johnny can't make a unique design with just 4 blocks is more important the “common good” prevails and we share).

Johnny used to earn individual awards for his academic accomplishments he gets an award for just merely participating. It used to be Johnny received an individual grade for his performance on a he gets a “group” grade because the success of each student in that group is the responsibility of the “group”.

Many parents as well as teachers and especially students do not realize these subtle ways education is shaping them into a collectivist mentality. The newly adopted national Common Core Curriculum is an example of moving toward collectivism. Even the name itself should tell you! “Common”. Do you want your child to be “common?” Investigate not just what your child is learning in school but how he is being taught and what hidden agendas have you as a parent overlooked!

The children are our future, they are our most precious's time we start proving their value by fighting for our tax dollars to be used to teach skills not indoctrinate. If parents don't step up to their responsibility you can bet the Federal government will be more than happy to raise your child the way they think Johnny should be raised!

J. Raines

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