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Monday, March 25, 2013

Common Core Concerns ...

One of the most important issues South Carolina is facing today involves our most precious resource … our children.

The Common Core State Standards Initiative is well on its way to become a reality in our public schools. Most people are unaware of the dangers of this program. It is an unconstitutional overreach of the Federal government.

Federal control over education has been expanding ever since the 60's with steadily decreasing student achievement results. The Federal government has taken over education by the promise of funding and the threat of withholding funding.

US Code Title 20 Education Chapter 48 Section 3403. under the section titled Relationship with States, you will see why it is unconstitutional. Furthermore, this National Core Curriculum is based on a one size fits all education and will make our local schools accountable to Washington DC and not to our parents. Parents have a right to decide what their children need to learn as well as when they need to learn it. After all, it is our hard earned tax dollars paying for our child's education. As a parent one should be able to go to your local school board with concerns about the curriculum being taught to your child. You shouldn't have to go to Washington DC to address my problems.

The Federal funds attached to accepting Common Core are a bribe so the Federal Government can take control of our most precious resource … our children. Right now these Common Core Standards are for English and Math only, but you can be assured the wheels are turning for it to include Social Studies and Science in the near future. Can you imagine the goals the liberal progressives and out of state bureaucrats will develop?

The assessment tool being used to test our children for these Federal funds are not objective type questions with right and wrong answers which are easily scored with easy to compare results; but are highly subjective. The answers can only be scored through use of a rubric which is based on an evaluator's opinion...and we all know opinions differ from evaluator to evaluator. By South Carolina accepting and signing on to this Common Core Curriculum the Federal Government has achieved its goal of forcing teachers to indoctrinate and promote subjective feelings, opinions, beliefs, multiculturalism, political correctness, diversity, global warming, homosexuality and social justice all under the guise of trying to "help" us fix South Carolina education problems.

The truth is … local educators and parents are better at deciding what the needs of our children are … NOT the Federal Government!

 Please contact your representatives in SC and tell them to support Senator Larry Grooms bill S0300 which supports opting out of Common Core.

See the bill here:

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