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Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Not JUST That ...

Recently appearing on The Pickens County Courier website …
"Of course, I could also comment on the factions at war over the old, abandoned Doodle Line. Pickens and Easley would like to combine their efforts and turn the old rail line into a safe, aesthetically pleasing and pedestrian-friendly path where families can ride bicycles, run or walk and not only enjoy the out-of-doors but also reap some of the health benefits associated with physical activity. 
As there is any time a current of change surges through the county, certain groups are appalled by the notion that taxpayer dollars would be used to groom Pickens and Easley into anything remotely resembling Greenville. Put in a pedestrian-friendly trail and what’s next?" 
~ Nicole Daughhetee
The opposition isn't just tax dollars, but a whole host of other issues …

Property rights … nearly all of the property owners along the trail DON'T want it!

Property rights … the property owners were not notified (personally or by a means in which ANY of them saw word of it) or given the chance to have input BEFORE starting the initiative.

Property rights … the matter is a land grab through use of eminent domain

Deceit … The YMCA deceptively conducted a bias survey of "members" asking if they would "like" a walking trail in Pickens and Easley.

Deceit … Usage and economic impact figures are being inflated on use of other trails to entice city and county politicians

Legal concerns … Rails to trails litigation has not been favorable in most every case amongst the hundreds filed against governments around the country.

Legal concerns … Property owners liability and insurance WILL skyrocket and potentially expose the cities and county to subrogation

Taxation … the "rails to trails" would effectively remove some land from tax rolls and create tax breaks for a privileged few while potentially raising taxes on dozens that will not be able to afford it ~ causing them to lose their property to delinquent tax auctions.

And yes … tax dollars … what more economic activity could such a trail produce? Pickens and Easley seem to be booming without it! What more exercise or pedestrian friendly area do you need than our sidewalks and parks? Can we afford this when we need roads paved in Pickens County?

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