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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Misconceptions ...

By Philip Smith

#1 ... The stock market is doing better than it was 4 years ago.

Actually, it's stagnant. The Dow Jones replaced a number of stocks in its average and they are outperforming the previous stocks tracked within the average.

Example: if Apple Computer had joined the Dow Jones as proposed ... The Dow would be at 19,000+

Apple (and a few other tech stocks) that have risen several 100 points each are artificially pumping up the NASDAQ average.

#2 ... Unemployment has reduced in the last few months.

Actually the people that have been unemployed so long are no longer being counted.

Some part time wage earners are also counted in new estimates and were not before.

Facts are facts. The number of people on government assistance has doubled in the last 4 years. This alone is an artificial stimulus ... People on government assistance get upwards of $500 a month for just groceries! That's what my family spends in two months <-- and we eat VERY well and pretty much whatever we want!

#3 ... Home building is up.

Actually, natural disasters and property destruction are up. People are taking advantage of low interest rates right NOW to rebuild.

Low interest rates are killing people (Seniors) that depend on investment income.

#4 ... Car sales are up.

Actually car sales ARE up. Many people are being forced into downsizing to more fuel efficient cars. While this is mostly a good thing ... car sales will plummet after a "renewed American fleet". Truck manufacturing facilities are laying off workers.

#5 … Renewable energy is the key to solving our problems.

I've researched this ad naseum just to see if I could personally benefit from solar or or wind and the available technology just isn't there. If you buy solar/wind/renewable tech right now you are merely supporting an industry or a cause - not really saving money or making an investment that will provide a return.

Solyndra (solar panels) got $525 million from the federal govt and is bankrupt and liquidated.

A123 (electric car batteries) just filed for bankruptcy last week. They got $235 million.

Many many companies are dropping usage of solar and wind because it just isn't as efficient as planned (or portrayed) and doesn't generate profit (Seimens announcement).

The investments in failed renewables in this country by this current President amount to more than $1.4 BILLION.

Don't you think every state in the union would have been better off with a check for $20 Million instead?

#6 … We need to tax the top 3% more.

If we taxed them 100% of their income we'd STILL have a budget deficit.

That's a fact! 

It may seem like a lot of money but the number 1 TRILLION is an unimaginable number.

At one number per second (and that gets difficult after 100,000) it would take you roughly 31709 years to count to 1 trillion!

Let that soak in.

Research any or all of this. Be informed. Don't just vote over one issue. Don't just vote selfishly over one or two issues that ultimately don't move this country forward.

Please don't be complacent this election.

EVERY OFFICE - even the Sheriff has importance to these issues mentioned above.

Philip Smith

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