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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Conservatives Of The Upstate Is Watching Out For You ...

After much research and consternation, I have finally located all the parties involved in the "Rails to Trail" of the Pickens Railroad (commonly called the Doodle Railroad).

It is obvious from reading the forms submitted to the STB (Surface Transportation Board) that the City governments of Pickens and Easley do not care about the property owners along the railroad. In fact, the home and property owners are never mentioned in the pleadings.

Studies made by the filing agencies only reference concern for the people by saying "the railroad is located in a low-density, sparsely populated, area".

Along with The Conservatives of the Upstate, the people along the railroad have …

• Met with & gotten signatures from 115 folks against the bicycle trail.

• It should be noted that another 25 couldn't make it to our signature meeting, but are against it.

• 93 out of 95 selected at random at the Pickens Flea Market, disapproved of the trail when asked face to face whether they approved or disapproved of the matter.
Internet surveys are biased. Many people vote more than once. There often is no tracking of residency or location.

• One survey, designed by proponents, simply asked …

"Would you like to have a nice bicycle trail in Pickens County?"

The survey didn't ask … "Would you like to have a bicycle trail running on an old railway inches from your backyard or house or through the middle of your property?"

A few other facts ...

• Since the Swamp Rabbit Trail has been installed, obesity levels in Greenville have climbed from 52% to 59%.

• The officers/executives/board members of Upstate Forever got the trail moved and rerouted around their residences.

• The STB report identifies an "element occurrence" of the black-spored quillwort, with no mention of concern for the adjacent property owners.

The filing with the STB includes many errors …

• Such as non-existent "existing right of ways".

• There are no right of ways for many of the properties that can be found!

• The filing states that none of the properties are important farmlands.

• The filing says, "The Doodle Line is a good candidate for a rails to trails conversion because Pickens County is a tourist destination."

Will the homeowners just have to bear the bikers talking and yelling as they pass?

How does economic activity come from bikers who notoriously don't buy anything?

There may be an endangered plant, but the people don't count?

The claim has been made …

"The towns are rural and sparsely populated." 

This just simply isn't true, just ask the 115 property owners that have come out against the trail.

Watch out property owners!

This is Agenda 21 at its best.

Don't back your neighbors and the next time it will be your property.

Junius Smith
President, Conservatives of The Upstate

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