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Thursday, May 31, 2012

EPA Cattle Farm Flyovers To Monitor Natural Resource Impact?


A bipartisan group of federal lawmakers are requesting that EPA Director Lisa Jackson answer questions including why the inspections are being conducted, how many flights have occurred, and whether they have resulted in any enforcement activities after the agency has been noticed using aerial surveillance to monitor livestock operations over their homes in Nebraska.

“Farmers and ranchers in Nebraska pride themselves in the stewardship of our state’s natural resources. As you might imagine, this practice has resulted in privacy concerns among our constituents and raises several questions,” says a letter signed by Republican Reps. Adrian Smith, Jeff Fortenberry and Lee Terry, as well as Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson and GOP Sen. Mike Johanns.

The Environmental Protection Agency uses aerial surveillance across the Midwest in states such as Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri - and has defended the practice as cost efficient versus on site or on ground monitoring.

Monday, May 21, 2012

So wait … a teacher in North Carolina can yell at kids and say the "F" word, the "S" word, have it recorded on audio and NO disciplinary be action taken, but when a school board member who is elected by the people of the county ALLEGEDLY says the word "retarded", people want him fired and will accept nothing else?

As The Popularity Of Consuming "Raw Milk" Rises, So Do Raids By "Food Police"


Did you ever think there'd be a day when someone would knock on your door and say, "We have reports that this household has purchased and is consuming raw milk … we need you to hand it over, it's unsafe and illegal to possess."

That's what's happening in California …

Natural News, a newsource that keeps up with organic and homegrown consumption of food, says that Health Officials in California led by corporate dairy giants are literally raiding homes asking for people to hand over their raw milk.

NaturalNews interview with Mark McAfee, the founder of Organic Pastures and a food rights advocate.

LA County health enforcers go door to door, demanding your fresh milk
"I received a phone call yesterday morning from a wonderful young gal, a 36-year-old mom out of LA County. She's one of our UPS customers that we deliver overnight raw milk to her house. When the CDFA was in here the other day on our recall, they demanded to have all our delivery addresses for overnight UPS delivery. We screwed up and [inadvertently] gave it to them, they got it from one of our secretaries here. The LA County health department started calling her, six or seven times, demanding that she give up her raw milk from her own home to the health department.
She refused, then they showed up at her house and demanded that she give her raw milk to them. She was getting ready to call 911 for the Sheriff's department and have them removed from her front doorstep, and she was threatening to use her camera to take a picture of them and post it on Facebook for harassing her over her raw milk... The investigators left after she told them she was not going to give them the raw milk and to get the Hell off her property.

For the full story read:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

This was one of the "that's not true is it?" things I wanted to look up …

Did you know that the County Sheriff is the ONLY person in South Carolina that is more powerful than the U.S. President?

Sounds weird to put it that way. 

Research for yourself … start here …

Make sure that you're voting for the guy that could fulfill this duty if (and when) the time comes in Pickens County.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tea Party Not For Trotter? Really?


This is a copy of a letter that has been mailed and emailed across the school district regarding District 4 (Liberty Area) Schoolboard Trustee; Ben Trotter.

Being a member or follower of every active truly Conservative group in the County … COTU members can vouch that no such "group" exists and that no Tea Party or Conservative group that we have spoken with agrees with or endorses this letter. All such groups deny or condemn any connection to this letter.

Future Pickens County School District Superintendent; Kelly Pew is on record saying that "that's not how I remember him saying it."

Ben Trotter has publicly denied saying the words.

He has also called for an investigation on multiple occasions.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

What should be done with taxpayer money that is over collected?

SECTION 12-43-285. Certification of millage rates; excessive rates.

(A) The governing body of a political subdivision on whose behalf a property tax is billed by the county auditor shall certify in writing to the county auditor that the millage rate levied is in compliance with laws limiting the millage rate imposed by that political subdivision.

(B) If a millage rate is in excess of that authorized by law, the county treasurer shall either issue refunds or transfer the total amount in excess of that authorized by law, upon collection, to a separate, segregated fund, which must be credited to taxpayers in the following year as instructed by the governing body of the political subdivision on whose behalf the millage was levied. An entity submitting a millage rate in excess of that authorized by law shall pay the costs of implementing this subsection or a pro rata share of the costs if more than one entity submits an excessive millage rate.

* Part of the South Carolina Tax Code

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

To Arm Or To Disarm … Is That The Question?


Democrats want to arm Syrians so they can protect themselves, while at the same time trying to disarm U.S. citizens because they do protect themselves?

Kerry: Time To Consider Safe Zones & Arming The Opposition In Syria

Pickens County Council Passes Resolution Concerning Coordination Efforts With EPA

Councilwoman Jennifer Willis assured several Conservatives Of The Upstate members at last night's May 2012 Council meeting that this resolution keeps special interest groups out of the process and publicly states that Council won't allow money or special interest groups to influence their decisions.

To read more, see:

Pickens County Council passes resolution aimed @ EPA

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mississippi Governor Signs Key Conceal & Carry Laws

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant recently signed House Bill 353 into law.  House Bill 353, introduced by state Representative Bill Denny (R-64), makes it a crime to deceive a federal firearm licensed dealer when purchasing a gun.

The Mississippi Governor has also signed two other pro-gun right measures recently:

House Bill 695
House Bill 455.

House Bill 695, by state Representative John Moore (R-60), was signed on April 17, 2012.

The measure gives a universal recognition of concealed weapons permits that will not only allow concealed weapons permit holders from other states to carry in Mississippi, but will also expand the number of states which ultimately acknowledge Mississippi permits.

HB 695 will go into effect starting July 1, 2012.

House Bill 455, by state Representative Andy Gipson (R-77), was signed on April 18, 2012.

This legislation removes redundant state recordkeeping requirements for licensed firearm dealers.

The law took effect upon signing.

South Carolina is expected to adopt similar measures.

South Carolina is currently considered as a "May-Issue" State:

From wikipedia:

A May-Issue jurisdiction is one that requires a permit to carry a concealed handgun, and where the granting of such permits is partially at the discretion of local authorities (frequently the sheriff's department or police). The law typically states that a granting authority "may issue" a permit if various criteria are met. While an applicant must qualify for a permit by meeting criteria defined in state law, local jurisdictions in May-Issue states often have locally-defined requirements that an applicant must meet before a permit will be granted, such as providing adequate justification to the approval authority for needing a concealed carry permit (self-defense in and of itself may not be sufficient justification in some areas where justification is required). Issuing authorities in May-Issue states often charge arbitrarily-defined fees that go well beyond the basic processing fee for a CCW permit, thereby making the CCW permit unaffordable to most applicants. A state that is de jure a May-Issue jurisdiction may range anywhere from No-Issue to Shall-Issue in practice.
✓     Rex Rice
 Stan Whitten

For those of you who would like to see candidates like Rex Rice and Stan Whitten back on the ballot, please contact Senate Judiciary Chair Larry Martin, 

 call: 803-212-6340

s.1152 gets an emergency hearing on Judiciary Committee Senate Judiciary Chairman Larry Martin today announced that he will call an emergency meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee @ 10:00AM Tuesday, May 8, 2012 for the purpose of discussing and passing legislation aimed at allowing candidates affected by the recent SC Supreme Court decision to return to being placed on the ballots.

Thursday, May 3, 2012