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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Need To Repeal The Comprehensive Enabling Act Of 1994 Of South Carolina


I am the Vice President of the Conservatives of the Upstate.

Our group has been fighting the Pickens County Comprehensive Plan 2030. We are presently
working on trying to get our SC legislatures to repeal the Comprehensive Planing Enabling Act of 1994 as contained in the SC Code of Laws Title 6 Chapter 29 Article 1 as it violates the Constitution.

Thank you for your time.


The South Carolina Comprehensive Enabling Act of 1994 is a direct result of the President’s council on Sustainable Development, set up by an executive order of Bill Clinton in 1993. This council is comprised of un-elected officials who are charged with enabling, “…bold new approaches to achieve economic, environmental, and equity goals.” Mr. Clinton bypassed Congressional approval for this act in a effort to bring the United States into compliance with the 1992 United Nations “Earth Summit” Agenda 21. The United Nations has stated directly in the Human Settlement Conference in 1976 that, “Land…cannot be treated as an ordinary asset controlled by the individual and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice…”

The Comprehensive Enabling Act did not evolve from private landowners or local communities. The Act evolved by an international group of stakeholders who have decided they know how individuals in the South Carolina should live, work, and play. Specifically, the Comprehensive Enabling Act is a top-down international governmental control mechanism that has adversely influenced and affected our sovereign state of South Carolina and is a direct violation of our Constitution and violates the 5th Amendment.
In the past, comprehensive planning in South Carolina was developed by individual communities as a result of the free market and according to the desires of the local community. Now, big government has greater control of the use of your land and the law of supply and demand has been effectively eliminated. Unelected special interest groups such as Upstate Forever and Ten at the Top, just to name a few, help influence the development plans, where development should occur, and where it should not. The local planning commissioners listen to these “stakeholders” and a process develops whereby some private property is devalued while the value of other properties is inflated due to subjective lines placed on a map according to the land development plans.

Anyone who reads the thousands of comprehensive plans around the United States will find similar visions and goals. This is no accident. These stakeholders ultimately bring the destruction of personal property rights and the right to accumulate wealth through property ownership.

The goals of preserving resources, limiting consumption and reducing use of energy are all positive goals every can agree upon; however, our Constitution guarantees a Republic and not a Socialistic form of government. The United Nations initiated Comprehensive Enabling Act of 1994 as a covert revolution to transform our great country from the free enterprise system to socialism. International government is attempting to control behaviors by judging mankind into a new world order without the individual being consciously aware that Constitutional freedoms are being assaulted. If we do not repeal the Comprehensive Enabling Act of 1994 we will one day wake up and wonder what happened to our God given right of life, liberty, nad the pursuit of happiness

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