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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Letter To Pickens County Delegation Regarding "The Comprehensive Plan"


Written by Conservatives The Upstate member, Junius Smith ...

Dear Delegation and County Council members,
Thank you for the annual meeting held on January 31st. I have long held and informed the Planning Commission that there was no legal requirement to have a Comprehensive plan in Pickens County. I am not against planning. It is a normal function of good management. The county council should, in my opinion, be planning for improvement in many areas and I think that they are. Chappel Hurst, the county Administrator, took a long time to explain these type of taxpayer saving plans and accomplishments at a recent meeting. They were most gratifying to hear.
The Comprehensive Plan is a different story. It is a liberal, socialist, environmental plan derived from the United Nations Agenda 21 and a Presidential Executive Order by Clinton in 1993. Unfortunately, President George Bush Senior signed on to this Progressive plan at the Rio de Janeiro Environmental Conference. Clinton, who runs a global initiative that met in New York recently in which each participant forked over $20,000 just to attend, revealed plans to reduce the world population and carbon emissions. I read each of you a portion of Brad Wyche's letter about "Natural Capitalism" as described by his Upstate Forever group and Ten at the Top group.
"Natural Capitalism" would take the United State into an era of George Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm. From all this has evolved the local Comprehensive Plans. I doubt that the General Assembly knew the Agenda 21, Sustainability plans of the Progressives when they "formulated" this law , but I will guarantee you that it had its roots in socialism, liberalism and environmentalism.
The Comprehensive Plan law (Title 6, Chapter 29) needs to be repealed. These like laws which have polluted the whole United States are being used to create seizure of private property, environmental police, limit food growth, population control, public housing projects, transportation changes,etc, etc, The bicycle, pedestrian, equestrian trails are the forerunner of the elimination of oil based cars. The ultimate goal is the elimination of the United Sates as a world power. Cap and Trade is part of this plan. To see the whole plan, google in Agenda 21 and Look up The Nature of Cities and Malaysia. See what George Soros is up to. Google in commentaries by Henry Lamb and Tom DeWeese. I have copy of Brad Wyche's speech on Natural Capitalism if you want that. I have Tom DeWeese's articles on all this. I have the law which says that once the Comprehensive Plan is established that the County Planning Commission must adhere to it. That is why the Conservatives of the Upstate wrote a Comprehensive Plan and put it on our Web Site It has been viewed by over 30,000 people and is a free enterprise, capitalistic plan. It certainly has more of a "consensus" in Pickens county than the one by the Planning Commission who had a member that wasn't even a resident of Pickens County. She was at every meeting that I attended.
Companies and individuals are already using these laws to benefit themselves. General Electric is stopping the manufacture of our light bulbs so that we can buy bulbs from China that will pollute our landfills with Mercury and hire foreign labor.
Your citizen,
Junius Smith


  1. I'm very concerned about the TATT group. Do you know who funds them, or where their seed money came from. I found your site, in searching online, as it was clear that much of what TATT is doing is exactly the Agenda 21 program. I want to 'resist the green dragon'. in Laurens County

  2. You may want to look to local corporations like BMW, GE, etc etc and Upstate Forever.



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