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Monday, October 4, 2010

What's Wrong With Pickens County Comprehensive Plan?


What is Wrong with Pickens County Comprehensive Plan?

1.  Population

Of all places where there needs to be concrete planing for the future; it's population.  

The United States is overcome by illegal aliens from south of our border.  They have come here with the intent to take American jobs and start a new life.  Unfortunately, they've brought thousands of law breakers, diseases, and infestations.  Instead of making all immigrants obey our laws, politicians only care about getting their votes and applying them to their re-election.  This is not to say that we haven’t acquired many fine people from the south.  We have.  Many of our families are peppered with relatives of recent immigrants that have come legally to this country.  However, the last few administrations have failed to protect our borders, and have created a colossal financial and social problem.  Pickens County residents are suffering from job losses on public works and cannot even get help from the school board.  Firm references need to be made to this problem in our comprehensive plan and politicians need to be put on notice that the citizens will not tolerate anyone deliberately breaking immigration laws.

Another king size problem is unwed mothers and unwanted pregnancies.  Yet, there is no reference to some solution in the Pickens County plan.  

Both of the above problems exacerbate the problems with education, welfare payments, deficits, and most other economic problems.  Yet nothing has been planned for the future to alleviate these problems.  Non governmental organizations such as the Appalachian Council of Governments, Upstate Forever, Ten at the Top, Pickens Alliance and Vision 2025 have been around here for a long time, and have failed to help with any of these problems. Instead, they have focused on urban sprawl which draws the line on expansion which is a detrement to property owners.  They have recommeneded bicycle and equestrian trails to eliminate our cars so they can more easily implement global warming initiatives (which is not proven, but rather is the figment in the minds of a bunch of cheating scientists and Al Gore).  They have recommended cities of high rises to herd all the people in; as they have in Europe.  They have further recommended the destruction of the capitalistic, free enterprise system, and private property to be replaced by “natural capitalism” better named as George Orwell’s "1984" or Aldous Huxley's, "A Brave New World"

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