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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Cities in The County Are Okaying It Without Question!


This is Rusty, the webmaster at Conservatives Of The Upstate, I apologize for not being able to attend last night's Pickens County Planning Commission meeting. I had to attend the Liberty City Council meeting to report for my own website ATLIBERTYTOSAY.COM.

This said, and hopefully apology accepted ... here's a sample of what I posted about my City Council meeting last night ...

"... first reading of a resolution called The PELCOR Resolution - this is a resolution to commit to cooperate with Pickens, Easley, and Liberty on a joint bicycle trail and corridor."


WHEREAS, The City of Liberty desires that all its citizens be afforded the opportunity to improve wellness, enhance family, and further their knowledge and appreciation for their local communities while contributing to economic growth and;

WHEREAS, The City of Liberty desires to be a part of “PELCOR” which is a proposed loop and series of bicycle friendly trails, roads, parks and riding destinations located in the upstate of South Carolina and;

WHEREAS, The City of Liberty wishes to form and support “PELCOR” or the Pickens, Easley, Liberty Corridor to create a partnership that would connect the three areas through bike lanes while promoting each municipalities strengths and separate projects to better market the entire region, and;

WHEREAS, The City of Liberty has met with representatives from each municipality and feel a collaborative approach from all three regions and from Pickens County in the planning and connectivity portion of this endeavor is better for the region as a whole to attract tourism and promote a healthy lifestyle;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that The City of Liberty does hereby further affirm its commitment towards “PELCOR” and towards building partnerships and an area that fosters wellness, economic growth and prosperity for its citizens.

Adopted this Thirteenth day of September, 2010 by The City of Liberty Council.

The resolution was passed following the reading with no discussion.

Councilman Sheriff affirmed that this resolution "committed no funds", but did establish Liberty as a partner in the bike trail project.
I was pretty surprised that there was relatively NO DISCUSSION of this topic whatsoever. Very nonchalant raising of hands to agree with the ordinance and then on to the next topic. Councilman Yates was the only one to ask where the funds would come from for "Liberty's part".

It's quite ironic actually that I went to the Liberty City Council Meeting only to miss the Pickens County Planning Commission Meeting where 
The Pickens County Comprehensive Plan was going to be discussed. The Comprehensive Plan IS committing to multiple bicycle and equestrian trails throughout the county as part of a sustainable development initiative. The Comprehensive Plan is essentially an overview of where County tax dollars will be spent over the next 10 years. I'm sure many of you have been hearing the word "sustainable" as a buzz word quite a bit lately. What many don't realize is that this green buzz word is actually A KEY COMPONENT of socialism. How could a bike trail be socialism? You're saying, "I'd love a bike trail!" If you understand that European countries pretty much raise gasoline taxes so high to encourage the use of bikes - you'll understand where this "path" leads. Once bicycle trails are implemented around the country - the next step will be a politician saying, "Pay up or pedal! The choice is yours!" When people discuss this topic, especially in relation to bicycle or equestrian trails, that on their face seem good for economic development; they seem conspiratorial. Once one considers the land use and land restrictions that follow - one starts to understand the implications of implementing such "sustainable efforts". I have only recently been educated about how all of us are being duped by a "green movement" to implement Agenda 21. (The United Nations numerology for sustainable development.)

I would encourage Council members, City employees, and Liberty residents to read:

The Denver Post: Bike agenda spins cities toward U.N. control, Maes warns

This next link is more to provide you with visible fact that bicycle trails, equestrian trails, and even widespread parks and recreation initiatives are part of a United Nations Plan called Agenda 21. Locally, Agenda 21 initiatives AS ORDERED by The United Nations and signed into law by President Bill Clinton by executive order, are called Vision 2025 (which Councilman Michael Sheriff heads), and The Pickens County Comprehensive Plan. By state law, each county is required to submit A Comprehensive Plan ...

United Nations: Agenda 21

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