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Monday, September 27, 2010

Review of Comprehensive Plan as prepared by The Pickens County Planning Commission


Review of Comprehensive Plan as prepared by 
The Pickens County Planning Commission
by Junius Smith

The Pickens County Comprehensive Plan vision statement is flawed in that it does not mention free enterprise, free market,  capitalism, and more of private property rights.  It states that Pickens County has a balanced, sustainable, and conservative county with growth and prosperity for ALL  our citizens.  This is certainly not true in that we have hundreds of children on welfare and over 800 that are considered homeless.  Other major points are that the economy, and tax base grows and is self sustaining and diverse.  We have 12% + unemployed and the average salary of those not employed by government is between $25 thousand, while the government salaries (on average) are nearly $50,000.  This doesn’t come close to being balanced.   The tax base over the years has expanded mainly in new construction of homes and from reassessment of property values. The Pickens County School District currently has an over 30% dropout rate - which is a direct correlation to the average salary that the average worker draws.  Much of the problems can be traced to a deterioration of family values. unwed mothers, teachers that do not perform, and that God has been removed from the schools and government offices.  All meetings used to begin with asking God for Guidance.  Now we  start our meetings with a moment of silence in order to accommodate atheists, and some religions that do not believe in God, but rather the planet, or some God that most of the people do not believe in.  Our constitutional rights are being violated by judges that write law rather than rule on laws that the people have agreed to over the hundreds of years.  Our constitution begins with “We  the People” not "We the government". 

Even as we speak, the housing market has gone down 30%, foreclosures have skyrocketed, and over 1000 delinquent tax sales of local homes is scheduled.  Textile plants have gone out of business.  Yet county government and the schools have basically continued without losing many people.  The reason for this is that they have been over collecting 5% every year, creating a slush fund at the people’s expense.  Now the County Council is trying to do the right thing by budgeting 100% collectible as should have been done 20 years ago.  As yet the Pickens County School Board has refused to do the right thing and continues to budget themselves a 3 to 5% gain every year.  

Our Comprehensive Plan should include items like this rather than bicycle and equestrian paths.

The county citizens need to be trained in free enterprise economics.  Some of our folks have forgotten personal responsibility and limited government.  They are fooled by United Nations Agenda 21 initiatives, Sustainable Development plans ala executive orders through a former President’s administration.  They don’t recognize how “slick” talking beaurocrats are; who say one thing and mean another, while ripping the freedom of the people through government handouts.  Examples of this are words in the Comprehensive Plan like "preserving" and "protecting".  They may preserve and protect so that you cannot even plant a garden on your property unless the government says so.  We have seen environmental police, ridiculous EPA ozone standards, regulations that forbid your cows from drinking out of streams, and non governmental organizations writing law and forming regional associations so that they can do away with your elected representatives which drives control away from our democratic Republic. 

Come to the Public Hearing meeting at 6:30 October 11, at the County Administration Building in the Auditorium and help us write a real plan for Pickens County! Read the rest of these comparisons between the Free Enterprise plan and the Pickens County Comprehensive Plan as they are posted on our web site


Junius Smith
President, Conservatives Of The Upstate

Saturday, September 18, 2010

He Often Speaks ...


Here's how The Easley Progress reported the latest Planning Commission meeting ...

Conservatives of the Upstate President Junius Smith often speaks out against the comprehensive plan. On Monday, he described it as both “communist” and “socialist,” saying there are parts inside the plan that strip away personal and property rights. Smith often links the comprehensive plan with Agenda 21, a United Nations-sanctioned plan to organize how humans impact the environment throughout the world. 

If Texas Can Do It; Why Can't South Carolina?


Newsradio WAOI in Texas reports:

Texas Sues to Block Bizarre "Global Warming" EPA Rules

The state of Texas today sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in a federal appeals court in Washington DC, claiming four new regulations imposed by the EPA are based on the 'thoroughly discredited' findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and are 'factually flawed,' 1200 WOAI news reports.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott says the rules are illegal and if imposed, will cost Texans in higher energy costs and tens of thousands of lost jobs.

"The state explained that the IPCC, and therefore the EPA, relied on flawed science to conclude that greenhouse emissions endanger public health and welfare," Abbott said. "Because the Administration predicated its Endangerment Finding on the IPCC's questionable facts, the state is seeking to prevent the EPA's new rules, and the economic harm that will result from these regulations, from being imposed on Texas employers, workers, and enforcement agencies."

See the full story here:

Friday, September 17, 2010

Notes On The Pickens County Comprehensive Plan

Dear Conservatives,

I'm sending you my thoughts on the Pickens County Comprehensive Plan.  These are a few of the thoughts that I gathered from the first reading of the "new" Pickens Plan as compared to the Capitalistic, free enterprise, private property version that was constructed by 150 citizens of Pickens County and viewed by over 15,000 folks on the web site.

1.  The first offensive thing about it was the agenda for the meeting of the Planning Commission. They started the meeting with a moment of silence. This offends anyone who understands the constitution of the United States. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  We have yielded our faith to a bunch of liberal, communist judges who use a letter from Thomas Jefferson to The Anabaptists of the time who requested that their religion be established as the STATE religion.  He refused in a letter saying that there should be a separation of church and state. But that was his opinion; not constitutional law. Now we open our meetings without asking God for guidance.  I suggest if this happens again, that someone in the audience lead us in the Lord's Prayer or some other prayer of faith.

2.  In the overview, it described the plan as having a "consensus" approval of the people of Pickens County which is not true.  "Consensus" is a buzz word from the Agenda 21/Sustainable Development movement. "Consensus" is advocated by the United Nations which gives the Progressives the right to enact law without a vote.  Far more people know about the plan through Capitalistic eyes than in the plan being pushed by mostly nongovernmental organizations represented on this committee.

3.  The Pickens Plan is represented as a "guide"  for future decisions regarding the growth of Pickens County.  "The plan is not a regulatory document. Strict over-interpretation of the Plan should be avoided. Rather,the broader spirit of the plan should prevail."  This is the trap that socialists want you to believe.  Go to Chapter 6-29-540 of the South Carolina Code of Laws and see what happens after the County Council adopts this Plan.

4.  Under the heading of Public Participation, the word "stakeholders"  is coined right out of Agenda 21 of the United Nations Plan.  Stakeholders are the people, that for whatever reason, have signed on to socialism;  most unknowingly.

These are comments from the introduction of the Pickens County Plan. Comparisons of the advisory committee's and that of the Capitalistic plan will follow before the October meeting. 


President, Conservatives Of The Upstate

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ten At The Top To Share "Vision"

Regional Vision Summit
September 28, 2010
Less Than 100 Spots Still Available
Register Today

Tuesday, September 28, 2010
9AM - 12PM
Carolina First Center

Less than 100 spots still remain for the Regional Vision Summit on September 28, 2010. Be sure and register today. The Upstate is projected to add a quarter million new residents & 200,000 new jobs between now & 2030. What can be done today to ensure that this growth enhances the economic vitality and quality of life for all residents of the Upstate?

As part of the year-long effort to create a Shared Upstate Growth Vision, Ten at the Top invites you to participate in a Regional Vision Summit on Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at the Carolina First Center.

So far, more than 7,000 Upstate residents have provided input as part of this open process. Come hear what we have learned so far, but also be ready to share your thoughts and vision for the future. Most of the Summit will be focused on having dialogue between residents, business and community leaders and elected officials from across the 10-county region about how each envisions the future of South Carolina's Upstate.

Join us on September 28th and help shape your community's future.

Registration deadline is September 24th or when capacity is met.

Creating a Shared Upstate Growth Vision is an initiative of Ten at the Top

Ten at the Top
124 Verdae Boulevard
Greenville, South Carolina 29607

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Neighbors Love Him, Comprehensive Plannners Hate Him

What do you think of this? This is exactly what I told the Planning Commission last night. 



County Sues Farmer, Cites Too Many Crops
DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. DeKalb County is suing a local farmer for growing too many vegetables, but he said he will fight the charges in the ongoing battle neighbors call “Cabbagegate.”

Fig trees, broccoli and cabbages are among the many greens that line the soil on Steve Miller’s more than two acres in Clarkston, who said he has spent fifteen years growing crops to give away and sell at local farmers markets.

In January, Dekalb County code enforcement officers began ticketing him for growing too many crops for the zoning and having unpermitted employees on site.
The odd thing about this story is that it ends with a profession by neighbors that they LOVE him.
“When he moved here and I found out what he was doing I said, ‘Steve, you’re the best thing that ever happened to Cimarron Drive. And I still say that,” said neighbor Britt Fayssoux.
* credit wsbtv Georgia for the story

The Cities in The County Are Okaying It Without Question!


This is Rusty, the webmaster at Conservatives Of The Upstate, I apologize for not being able to attend last night's Pickens County Planning Commission meeting. I had to attend the Liberty City Council meeting to report for my own website ATLIBERTYTOSAY.COM.

This said, and hopefully apology accepted ... here's a sample of what I posted about my City Council meeting last night ...

"... first reading of a resolution called The PELCOR Resolution - this is a resolution to commit to cooperate with Pickens, Easley, and Liberty on a joint bicycle trail and corridor."


WHEREAS, The City of Liberty desires that all its citizens be afforded the opportunity to improve wellness, enhance family, and further their knowledge and appreciation for their local communities while contributing to economic growth and;

WHEREAS, The City of Liberty desires to be a part of “PELCOR” which is a proposed loop and series of bicycle friendly trails, roads, parks and riding destinations located in the upstate of South Carolina and;

WHEREAS, The City of Liberty wishes to form and support “PELCOR” or the Pickens, Easley, Liberty Corridor to create a partnership that would connect the three areas through bike lanes while promoting each municipalities strengths and separate projects to better market the entire region, and;

WHEREAS, The City of Liberty has met with representatives from each municipality and feel a collaborative approach from all three regions and from Pickens County in the planning and connectivity portion of this endeavor is better for the region as a whole to attract tourism and promote a healthy lifestyle;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that The City of Liberty does hereby further affirm its commitment towards “PELCOR” and towards building partnerships and an area that fosters wellness, economic growth and prosperity for its citizens.

Adopted this Thirteenth day of September, 2010 by The City of Liberty Council.

The resolution was passed following the reading with no discussion.

Councilman Sheriff affirmed that this resolution "committed no funds", but did establish Liberty as a partner in the bike trail project.
I was pretty surprised that there was relatively NO DISCUSSION of this topic whatsoever. Very nonchalant raising of hands to agree with the ordinance and then on to the next topic. Councilman Yates was the only one to ask where the funds would come from for "Liberty's part".

It's quite ironic actually that I went to the Liberty City Council Meeting only to miss the Pickens County Planning Commission Meeting where 
The Pickens County Comprehensive Plan was going to be discussed. The Comprehensive Plan IS committing to multiple bicycle and equestrian trails throughout the county as part of a sustainable development initiative. The Comprehensive Plan is essentially an overview of where County tax dollars will be spent over the next 10 years. I'm sure many of you have been hearing the word "sustainable" as a buzz word quite a bit lately. What many don't realize is that this green buzz word is actually A KEY COMPONENT of socialism. How could a bike trail be socialism? You're saying, "I'd love a bike trail!" If you understand that European countries pretty much raise gasoline taxes so high to encourage the use of bikes - you'll understand where this "path" leads. Once bicycle trails are implemented around the country - the next step will be a politician saying, "Pay up or pedal! The choice is yours!" When people discuss this topic, especially in relation to bicycle or equestrian trails, that on their face seem good for economic development; they seem conspiratorial. Once one considers the land use and land restrictions that follow - one starts to understand the implications of implementing such "sustainable efforts". I have only recently been educated about how all of us are being duped by a "green movement" to implement Agenda 21. (The United Nations numerology for sustainable development.)

I would encourage Council members, City employees, and Liberty residents to read:

The Denver Post: Bike agenda spins cities toward U.N. control, Maes warns

This next link is more to provide you with visible fact that bicycle trails, equestrian trails, and even widespread parks and recreation initiatives are part of a United Nations Plan called Agenda 21. Locally, Agenda 21 initiatives AS ORDERED by The United Nations and signed into law by President Bill Clinton by executive order, are called Vision 2025 (which Councilman Michael Sheriff heads), and The Pickens County Comprehensive Plan. By state law, each county is required to submit A Comprehensive Plan ...

United Nations: Agenda 21

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fox News: Cities Increasingly Turn to 'Trash Police' to Enforce Recycling Laws


From FoxNews:

Cities Increasingly Turn to 'Trash Police' to Enforce Recycling Laws

Beware the green police. They don't carry guns and there's no police academy to train them, but if you don't recycle your trash properly, they can walk up your driveway and give you a $100 ticket.

They know what's in your trash, they know what you eat, they know how often you bring your recycles to the curb -- and they may be coming to your town soon. That is, if they're not already there.

In a growing number of cities across the U.S., local governments are placing computer chips in recycling bins to collect data on refuse disposal, and then fining residents who don't participate in recycling efforts and forcing others into educational programs meant to instill respect for the environment.

From Charlotte, N.C., to Cleveland, Ohio, from Boise, Idaho, to Flint, Mich., the green police are spreading out. And that alarms some privacy advocates who are asking: Should local governments have the right to monitor how you divide your paper cups from your plastic forks? Is that really the role of government?

The irony of this story is that our very County Council proposed that we be fined if we didn't meet a 25% recycling goal. (Later reduced to 20%, then later dropped as a plan)

For the full story see:

Upcoming Important Meetings


There are several very important meetings coming up in the next few weeks. We cannot emphasize the importance of your attendance. These issues are not singularly isolated issues. They are all interrelated and tied together, one way or another.

First is a Pickens County Planning Commission meeting.

The final draft of the Comprehensive Plan is to be reviewed.

We need to be there and get our eyes on it!

A link for your perusal:

Please don't miss this meeting!

Planning Commission Meeting

Date: Monday, September 13, 2010

Time: 6:30PM


Main Conference Room
Pickens County Administration Building
222 McDaniel Avenue
Pickens, SC 29671

Get there as early as you can!!


Next is a DHEC meeting regarding transportation conformity(?).

How ironic we have to drive to get to a meeting about transportation conformity.

* Note: You must register for this meeting!

Transportation Conformity Kick-Off Meeting
September 14, 2010
Peeples Auditorium
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201

9:45AM Welcome (DHEC)
9:50AM Purpose and Introductions (EPA)
10:00AM Status of Ozone/Air Quality in South Carolina (DHEC)
10:15AM Overview of Designation Process (EPA)
10:45AM Break Out Session – Overview of State Transportation and MPO Process (SCDOT and MPOs)
11:45AM Break for lunch (on your own)
12:45PM Overview of Transportation Conformity Requirements - Roles (EPA)
1:00PM Regional Emissions Analysis/Planning Assumptions/Examples (EPA)
4:00PM Distribution of Report & Coordination (EPA and FHWA)
4:15PM Next Steps (All)
4:30PM Adjourn


Third, is Pickens County Council meeting. This may be where the final draft of the Comprehensive plan is presented to Council.

A final vote will be taken sometime later.

We need to be there however, and make our voices heard as it is presented.

Pickens County Council Meeting

Date: Monday, September 20, 2010

Time: 6:30PM


Council Chambers
Pickens County Administration Building
222 McDaniel Avenue
Pickens, SC 29671

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Meeting Tonight!


Dear Conservatives,

We will be discussing the final version of the Comprehensive Plan for Pickens County as drafted by Conservatives Of The Upstate.

See you tonight at 6:30PM!

Blue Ridge Bible Curch
769 Belle Shoals Rd
Pickens SC 29671