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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Concentrating all political power in one person or in a committee ...


Central planning will eventually destroy individual liberty by concentrating all political power in one person or in a committee; furthermore, it will eventually end our prosperity by laying the dead hand of state control on the economy.

Robert M. Thornton

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2011 W-2 Tax Forms & Obamacare


2011 W-2 Tax Forms and Obamacare

If you go to, enter "HR 3590" in the search box and look for "CRS Summaries." This is what you'll find.

Title IX Revenue Provisions”Subtitle A: Revenue Offset
"(Sec. 9002) Requires employers to include in the W-2 form of each employee the aggregate cost of applicable employer-sponsored group health coverage that is excludable from the employee's gross income (excluding the value of
contributions to flexible spending arrangements)."

Starting in 2011next year the W-2 tax form sent by your employer will be increased to show the value of whatever health insurance you are provided. It doesn't matter if you're retired. Your gross income WILL go up by the amount of insurance your employer paid for. So youll be required to pay taxes on a larger sum of money that you actually received. Take the tax form you just finished for 2009 and see what $15,000.00 or $20,000.00 additional gross income does to
your tax debt. That's what you'll pay next year. For many it puts you into a much higher bracket. This is how the government is going to buy insurance for fifteen (15) percent that don't have insurance and it's only part of the tax increases,
but it's not really a "tax increase" as such, it a redefinition of your taxable income.

Meeting This Thursday


Dear Conservatives,

Our meeting this Thursday is very important! We've built a lot of enthusiasmKathy Murphy and David Merck with the Pickens Tea Party meetings, the terrific run by Richard Cash's Campaign without PAC money, the election day victories of some real good candidates, the thousands of great emails that have circulated by our members, and above all our belief in God, have waned.

I have information on how to protest your taxes legally. We will cover this. I have proof that Sustainable Development-comprehensive plan controlled by the federal government is right here in Pickens County; being implemented by the cities. Your property about to be stolen. Preparation for doing away with auto transportation is right around the corner. We will talk about all of this. Please come, Your liberty is at stake.

See you Thursday!

Bring a friend.

Junius Smith

Monday, August 9, 2010

Did You Know?


From an email forward ...


As you walk up the steps to the building which houses the U.S Supreme Court you can see near the top of the building a row of the world's law givers and each one is facing one in the middle who is facing forward with a full frontal view ... it is Moses and he is holding the Ten Commandments!


As you enter the Supreme Court courtroom, the Two huge oak doors have the Ten Commandments engraved on each lower portion of each door.


As you sit inside the courtroom, you can see the wall, right above where the Supreme Court judges sit, is a display of the Ten Commandments!


There are Bible verses etched in stone all over the Federal Buildings and Monuments in Washington , D.C.


James Madison, the fourth president, known as 'The Father of Our Constitution' made the following statement:

"We have staked the whole of all our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government, upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God."


Every session of Congress begins with a prayer by a paid preacher, whose salary has been paid by the taxpayer since 1777.


Thomas Jefferson worried that the Courts would overstep their authority and instead of interpreting the law would begin making law an oligarchy the rule of few over many.

Bike Agenda Putting Us Closer Toward U.N. Control?


An interesting read forwarded from Conservatives Of The Upstate:

From The Denver Post:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes is warning voters that Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's policies, particularly his efforts to boost bike riding, are "converting Denver into a United Nations community."

"This is all very well-disguised, but it will be exposed," Maes told about 50 supporters who showed up at a campaign rally last week in Centennial.

Maes said in a later interview that he once thought the mayor's efforts to promote cycling and other environmental initiatives were harmless and well-meaning. Now he realizes "that's exactly the attitude they want you to have."

"This is bigger than it looks like on the surface, and it could threaten our personal freedoms," Maes said.

Read the full article here:

Bike agenda spins cities toward U.N. control