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Friday, June 18, 2010


Pickens County Vision Statement

Pickens County is a beautiful county in the upper northwest section of the upstate of South Carolina. The county provides many opportunities for its citizens to participate in the American way of life. Through capitalism and a free economy many of our citizens have increased their wealth and happiness.

There are certain basic principles and goals that foster a well rounded life.

* Private ownership of property that is protected by the Constitution of the United States and the State of South Carolina. Agricultural property is highly valued and is to be controlled by the owner.

* Natural and cultural resources are protected by good training and religious care. The government is discouraged from buying private property since it is removed from the tax rolls, and puts a greater burden on the taxpayers.

* Pickens County citizens have control over taxes and fees and plan to keep them low for economic prosperity. Taxes will not be raised without a vote of the people for any reason.

* The people of Pickens County will create an atmosphere of accountability from our elected officials.

* Pickens County strives for quality education. There are kindergarten, elementary, and secondary schools that provide the county with good results and some outstanding graduates. There are technical schools, adult education, and university programs. New construction will provide $400,000,000 in completed and renovated structures which should put a stop on any new structures for the next ten years. The county is limited to 8% of the appraised value of county property for construction of new schools which it now exceeds. Our vision is that the system will be modified to produce more quality students without increasing costs.

*County government is elected by and for the people. County Government will provide fire protection, law enforcement, and road construction and maintenance. Only elected officials can vote to spend county funds. All spending will be recorded on the internet. Non Government Organizations with anti capitalistic and free enterprise philosophies from outside the county are discouraged from influence in government activity. Activities not associated with county functions and setup by towns or cities or private organizations are not to be funded by the county.

* Zoning will be limited and instituted only after careful anaysis and two thirds vote by the County Council.

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