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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sustainable Development & It's Goals Pt III


Dear Conservatives:

We have been studying Sustainable Development and have decided to formulate "our own comprehensive plan" that can be submitted to County Councils. We wish for all free enterprise help.

Sustainable Development & It's Goals Pt III

by Junius Smith

Thirty years ago ... my wife, children, and I started to use “green” methods in our daily lives. We composted and reused organic materials, we picked up leaves etc. from Clemson residents and used them to plant our blueberry field, we used wood chips from Clemson University poultry buildings as mulch, we composted manure from cow barns, we used earthworm castings, we used rocks found on our place to use as a foundation for blueberry plants to make them more like their natural habitat, and for fertilizer we used cotton seed meal. On top off this; we recycled metal cans, glass bottles, plastic, paper, metals, and other items. All of this was done without a government mandate or “nudging”. All the reward went to our family as we did all the work. The end result was that we made money, grew great plants, and helped the environment all at the same time.

Now recycling is a government mandate, and instead of rewarding the folks that do most of the work (citizens), government takes all the rewards and expands itself, then tells us we are lucky if they don’t raise our taxes. What was done as an family effort has been turned into a chore to satisfy government regulations. I have always thought that people had to have incentive in order to have maximum production. So if people do not recycle and help the environment, it is because there is very little incentive to do so.

Isn’t it peculiar that when government gets their grip on something that it turns south in a hurry. It is noted that there is now a “climate gate” scandal where scientists were so intent on proving global warming that they cheated on the data. After interviewing members of the Comprehensive Plan Committee in Pickens County, many said they are unaware of Agenda 21. Others appear to have their own methodology of controlling various aspects of our private property.

We see that if government is left unattended to choose our way of life, we are going to get Socialism at best and Progressivism and Totalitarianism at worst. There are at least 32 areas of Sustainable Development/Comprehensive Plans that the UN, Feds, and the State are monitoring. Don’t let anyone tell you that the attention we all are giving this is a waste of time, or you will wind up in the UN Agenda 21 recycle bin.

At our next meeting we will construct a free enterprise, capitalistic comprehensive plan for the counties of the upstate. We welcome any free market, capitalistic person to our meeting to help us. It will probably take more than one meeting , so we will have several close together.

Our meeting will be held this Thursday May 13, 2010 at:

The Blue Ridge Bible Church
769 Bell Shoals Road
Pickens, South Carolina 29671

@ 6:30 PM.

If you want to prepare yourself,

South Carolina Legislature Section 6, chapter 29, 510-The Comprehensive Planning Process


The Pickens County Comprehensive Plan


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