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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Dear Conservatives.

In the annals of time, we don't often get a chance to be at the forefront of the critical decision making. If I had to recommend one meeting for you to be at for the sake of our County, State, and Country, it would be this one. I believe we are faced with the greatest challenge Americans have been up against in the past two hundred and fifty years.

Progressives are using the UN program of "Sustainable Development" to take over the United States. Who are Progressives? They are commonly called Communists, Marxists, Socialists, Fascists, etc. While one does not commonly associate these terms with our counties, all you have to do is read the Pickens County Comprehensive Plan and you will see these political dogmas. It has been fashioned in a large degree by organizations who have their base outside Pickens County. The plan contains the initial beginnings of government control of all walks of our life. Some of the main areas are: control of the food supply by land use plans, control of water and the environment by natural resources visions, control of housing by making it affordable for all (we all saw how that worked with Fanny Mae & Freddie Mac), control of economic development, control of priority investments, control of the population, control of cultural resources, transportation, and tourism.

After receiving an email about Ed Jennings telling that Islam is on the verge of taking over Europe, I have interpolated this into the whole world plan. The President spoke at West Point this week; his speech led me to believe that he plans a new global order.

Our first Vision Statement featuring capitalism and free enterprise:

Pickens County Vision Statement

Pickens County is a beautiful county in the upper Northwest section of the Upstate of South Carolina. It provides many opportunities to its citizens to participate in the American way of life. Through capitalism and a free economy many of our citizens have increased their wealth and happiness.

Private ownership of property is protected by the Constitution of the United States and the State of South Carolina. Natural and cultural resources are protected by good training and religious care for conserving those properties owned by our government or those that will be purchased under the law in the future. The County is discouraged from buying private property since it is removed from the tax rolls, and puts increased burdens on the tax payers of the county.

Pickens County citizens will provide by vote; low or lower taxes.

Important to the people is government accountability within God’s Laws as well as man made laws.

Pickens County strives for the quality education of its citizens in the elementary, secondary levels, technical, adult, and university programs. Students are rated as some of the best, and needs for the future are being met with new construction and creative changes. The education process will increase opportunities in the future. Under no circumstances can building programs exceed 8% of the appraised value of the taxable property or be contracted for by any County government unit.

Solid waste programs are in place and will be better in the future.

Agricultural property is highly valued and is supported by the political subdivisions and university departments.

County government is elected by and for the people. They provide fire protection, law enforcement, and road construction and maintenance. While elected representatives might appoint committees and commissions for assistance, only those decisions by the elected officials are binding on the public. Non governmental organizations from the outside of Pickens County and with anti free enterprise philosophies are discouraged.


Please come to the Blue Ridge Bible Church at 769 Belle Shoals Rd, Thursday at 6;30 PM

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