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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sustainable Development and Its Goals Pt II


Sustainable Development and its Goals Pt II

by Junius Smith

When you hear the word "green", usually it's a Progressive’s code word for Sustainable Development - which is a system organized by the United Nations as Agenda 21. In 1993, Bill Clinton gave by executive order, to his cabinet, to implement at all levels of the executive branch a program for Agenda 21/Sustainable development. There are at least 32 facets of cancerous Sustainable Development implementation.

I'll try to explain what's happening before our eyes right now.

County Council will tell you that the State of South Carolina requires that every ten years the County must follow its guidelines in preparing an up to date Comprehensive Plan. Pickens County has an advisory planning commission with unelected citizens setting the policies and recommending them to the Council. The Council then passes them and puts them into law. In doing so, the Council, over the years, encroaches more and more on the rights granted in the Constitution of both the State and the Federal government. For instance, the new ordinance states that the County has the right to take a certain number of feet of road frontage from the property owner without paying for it. They construct roads and utilities on this property for whatever purpose they choose. They pass laws with impunity that will restrict the use of private property. Agenda 21 goes much further as the ultimate goal of this program is to have the government of the world to control all property. The Comprehensive Plan has the pegs that the United Nations will eventually hang its take over of all private property.

A surprised County Council reacted to my statement this past Monday night as if most of them didn’t even know what I was talking about when I mentioned the name Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. The Council was informed of the devastation that will be caused by adopting the procedures in this United Nations' plan. Some of you will remember that President Obama kept telling dissenting liberal Democrats not to worry about what was in the health care bill now because it will be changed later. The same is true for the Comprehensive Plan of Pickens and other counties. Once you accept this method of controlling every aspect of human life, the dye is cast. You see one of these plans was put through ten years ago and most of us didn’t even know it. Now it has grown.

On Tuesday night the Pickens County Taxpayers Association held a public meeting that featured guest speaker Chis Brink, Planning Director of Pickens County. Brink's job is to formulate the Pickens County Comprehensive Plan. Mr. Brink stated that he never knew about Agenda 21/Sustainable Development until last month. Yet his talk about the Pickens Plan centered exactly on the United Nations agenda, down to the last word. The committee to formulate the program is made up of 59 individuals from all over the County, some of whom have a liberal, Marxist view of the world. Some in this committee are pushing for County wide zoning using these principles, which will end Agriculture and our freedom as we have know it. Already your cows can’t drink from streams, the trees on your property cannot be cut within a certain distance of streams, fertilizers and chemicals that wash into the stream can be tested so that your farm can be shut down, and if you try to clean it up, the results have to be better than the water was before the test.

More on this subject in the next segment.

Go to the meeting at the County Administration Building on April 20, 2010 at 4PM.

Voice your concerns!!

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