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Friday, April 9, 2010

A Few Notes From Last Night's Meeting ...

A Few Notes From Last Night's Meeting ...


Agenda 21 aka ...

Last night, Junius Smith, Conservatives Of The Upstate President gave a presentation about Agenda 21 aka Sustainable Development aka The Comprehensive Plan aka Vision 2025 aka Pickens County 2030.

The purpose of last night's presentation was to educate the group on terms used in public forums or debates over the issues regarding Agenda 21.

Mr. Smith mentioned that oft times the people behind Agenda 21 initiatives are eloquent and intelligent and that we need to be armed with their terminology so we can debate and dispute them.

Mr. Smith stated that the following terms are part of Agenda 21 rhetoric:

Green Accounting
Recycle / Reuse programs
Ecolabel Regulations
Sustainable development Indicators
School Curriculum
Environmental Impact Assessment
Public Transport
Solid Waste
Hazardous Waste
Toxic Chemicals
Freshwater Management
Oceans & Coastal Areas
Biological Diversity
Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable Mountain Development
Land Use Planning
Changing Consumption Patterns
Combatting Poverty

After explaining each ... Mr. Smith mentioned that a lot of these programs are meant to appeal to the heart and are framed as "good for you, good for the environment, and good for the Earth". Discussions are often loaded with buzz words to rally people into a blind cause rather than understanding the real goal.

Over the next few weeks we will go over some of these topics individually here on the website and at our regular monthly meetings.

In the mean time ... what can we do to stand against Sustainable Development and Agenda 21:

1) We need to pray for this Country

2) Attend informational meetings for The Comprehensive Plan (or whatever your similarly titled programs are)

The next Pickens County meetings are scheduled for April 20 & April 24, 2010 see for details

3) Attend TEA party meetings, Conservatives Of The Upstate or groups like it. Encourage neighbors, friends, and family to attend as well. Potentially combine, share, or meet with other groups to begin organization before the 2010 congressional elections and the 2012 presidential elections.

4) Write to newspapers (letter to the editor), post on the internet, get published, be interviewed by the media - get the word out!

5) Vote in elections - vote against anyone that openly understands and intends to implement ANY Agenda 21 policy forcibly through law or taxation.

6) Vote in local elections / Voice your opinion to local officials at City Council and County Council meetings - even Mayors and City Council members need to be aware of Agenda 21 issues and be told to resist the push from the County, State, and Federal levels.

7) Watch shows like Glenn Beck on Fox News, visit websites like The Deweese Report

* Some information gathered from

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