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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sustainable Development and Its Goals


Sustainable Development & Its Goals

by Junius Smith

Many people think that with the passage of the Healthcare Bill, Obama and his Progressives are through. As Nancy Pelosi put it,

“we are just getting started.”

Obama has stated that his agenda is the fundamental transformation of the United States. Away with Liberty and Private Property, and in with the “Nanny” state that looks after the people from cradle to grave. This is what some bleeding hearts believe is best, but they're forgetting the true nature of men when utilizing their government. Government is one of man’s chief tools. He can overcome his own basic weakness by using government to eliminate individualism and freedom of choice. He can improperly diagnose the thought that our rights do come from God as advanced by the Bible and the Declaration of Independence so that the thought is rearranged to believe that our rights come from the government. Government derives its power from from compulsory unification. Citizens must agree either tacitly, reluctantly, or enthusiastically with the policies of the government. If a citizen rebels, the government can defensively react against the one on behalf of the many. The Federal government has inacted an all encompassing Health Care law in the name of social and ecomonic justice, that most people in the country object to, but have no choice but to accept it. A few court challenges and the chance to vote Progressives out of office in two years after the fact are the only courses left. The fact that this law tramples all over the forefathers intent in the Constitution is irrevalent to Progressives who intend to “fundamentally change” our great land. Don't be fooled into thinking that the program of Health Care is all - it's just one small area of the total agenda.

The total program is given a pleasant sounding, innocently applied title of Sustainable Development. This program, conceived in the United Nations, and named Agenda 21 has so many facets that the average person can’t comprehend its entirety. It was started years ago by the United Nations but really began to take off in 1992 in the Rio de Janeiro Environment Conference where George H.W. Bush Sr. signed on for the United States.

* For more information about this subject the reader should go to “The Deweese Report” by Tom Deweese who has made a multi-year study of the subject and ”Sustainable Develpment; Global to Local Action Plans”.

President Bill Clinton, by executive order, formed the President’s Council on Sustainable Development in 1993 bypassing Congress. Since that time, every cabinet agency has its role in advancing Agenda 21 & Sustainable Develpment policies.

In our next article we plan to show readers how these policies are invading State and Local government - how its right on your doorstep. While all our attention is on the Federal government, our State and Local governments are pushing the program.

In the meantime, you can attend County Council meetings starting next Monday night at 6:30 PM in the Auditorium of the County Administration Building.

You can also attend County Planning sessions, and School Board meetings, and your local City Council meetings.

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