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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Evaluation of 3rd District Candidates

By Junius Smith

The Conservatives of Upstate have finished their evaluation of Third Congressional District candidates. Each of the candidates asked to be on our program. Each were told ahead of time that the questioning wouldn't be controlled in any way by our organization and that questions would come from the floor unsolicited. The candidates were questioned on Cap & Trade, Health Care, Immigration, Sustainable Development, Education, and if they were members of the General Assembly, their previous record in that body. Each interview lasted at least an hour ... some as long as two hours. All of the candidates professed to be Conservative. All professed to be Christians and strong family men. All professed to be against abortion. Where they differed was on the micro of issues. We will report on the interviews in the order in which they appeared before our group.

Jeff Duncan: Representative Duncan was grilled for over an hour. He showed no signs of stress under questioning, which is a good sign in that party officials and lobbyists really work on you in Washington. Duncan’s knowledge of the job, his assertiveness, his A+ rating from SC Club for Growth, and his knowledge of small business were exceptional. Rep Duncan makes an exceptional appearance and commands respect in an instant.

*Shane Massey: Senator Massey has a sharp legal mind. He also was questioned for more than an hour. He is a member of the Senate Conservative Caucus for which he is w√ell received in our group. He is lesser known around this area, but has good credentials. Senator Massey won a tough battle for the Senate seat he occupies which speaks well for his toughness as a politician, and his ability to make tough decisions in Congress.

Richard Cash: Richard Cash is not a member of the establishment. He is a small business man that makes his family a living through at least two businesses. He scored high on his stand on abortion. While others were not in favor of abortion, Richard protested on the streets for our children’s lives. He has an in-depth knowledge of education having home schooled all of his children. He also coached other’s children. He is short on "government experience, but long on not being contaminated with with past policies.

Neal Collins: Neal is the youngest of the group of candidates. He has the unique experience of getting his legal education through scholarships that allowed him success without a lot of resources. This should bode well for him well in the future, and remind him of how success is obtained through hard work rather than government hand outs. Neal wants to put more money in the education system than we now have. He wants to achieve this through the federal government.

Rex Rice: Representative Rice was questioned for more than an hour and held up well. He offered an improved education system through virtual classrooms, satellite schools, and reorganized school boards. While he didn’t believe he had all the answers, he didn't mind putting forth his ideas which are not always popular with the education system which is highly unionized. He does have a system that he fought for out there working with practical results. As one of Governor Huckabees’ supporters, he believes in the fair tax instead of the income tax.

We want the public to know that these candidates voluntarily came to these meetings and were questioned about all the controversial topics of our day. They had no knowledge of the content of the questions.

One of the greatest disappointments was the lack of discussion about sustainable development which is the ultimate goal of progressives. If the government controls the farm lands, healthcare, and education our freedoms are gone with the wind. We have debated healthcare and now the government will vote on it soon. If it passes, the government will have control of our bodies. If the type of education passes that the progressives want, they will have control of our children’s minds.

What to do:

Call your Representative in Washington now.

• Call the Representatives that Dick Morris has on his web site now.

• Tell our ELECTED officials to stop the healthcare bill, Cap & Trade, and keep away from education.

• Join a Tea Party Group that is fighting for our liberty.

• Join the Conservatives of the Upstate.


* Shane Massey boughed out of the race on March 17, 2010.

See Shane's announcement here.

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