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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rally For Rex Rice:
Running For House Seat District 3


Rex Rice, currently State Representative for District 26 - (Greenville & Pickens Counties) is making his bid for Federal House Seat 3. This seat is being vacated by Gresham Barrett - who is running for South Carolina Governor.

• He is running for (Federal) Congressional House of Representatives Seat / 3rd Congressional District (which is this area)

• He identifies himself as Republican.

• Rice will run against Neal Collins, Richard Cash, Jeff Duncan, and Shane Massey in the June 8th, 2010 Republican Primary.

• He is a member of Easley Presbyterian Church

Here's some notes from the rally:

WORD Radio's Lee Rogers was emcee

Chairman of The South Carolina Republican Party (SCGOP) Karen Floyd was introduced. She gave her support to Rice and indicated that she was delighted to have Mike Huckabee as the guest speaker.

Rice, came to the stage, and briefly spoke of his election since 1994 and that he has been energized to be involved since.

He discussed his many accomplishments.

He then introduced guest speaker Mike Huckabee ...

After a brief self introduction, Huckabee stated,

"The smartest thing you could do is send Rex Rice to Congress."

Huckabee mentioned,

"The government can only affect me to my grave, I'd be a lot more worried if I were 20 right now. We (referring to South Carolinians) need to send people like Rex Rice to start now and we need not focus (yet) on the 2012 Presidential race."

Huckabee said,

"... the 2010 elections are about your future, not the future of Rex Rice."

"When I see good people running for Congress ... I think, it's not those who are yelling and screaming ... it's principled people like Rex Rice that are getting things done."

He also joked,

"I told him I'd come to South Carolina and be for him or against him; whichever would help him the most."

Huckabee also hoped that everyone will pay attention to this next election. He mentioned that many are disappointed in the Obama administartion, especially the young people who voted for him, and that's a reason we've seen the tide turn in states like Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

He said that Rice has clearly demonstrated the fact he didn't live on an expense account, billing the state for his travels and he is obviously a different breed of cat.

Huckabee said,

"The reason I have great confidence in Rex is because I've looked at his record."

He said,

"Don't tell Rex your behind him ... say your with him."

Huckabee joked,

"Rex Rice's campaign stickers were designed so you get 20% -40% better gas mileage if you put them on your car."

Huckabee urged everyone to get involved . He said to make sure everyone you know actually goes to vote. He said to make a list of:

-10 friends
-10 relatives
-10 neighbors

"Follow up with them," he said, "...make sure they vote. Call them a few weeks, a few days before the election."

He said the economy is going to stay unstable until we get stability in Congress.

He mentioned that people often tell a political candidate,

"Glad your doing this, I sure couldn't do what you're doing."

"Well ...YOU don't have to ... Rex Rice is willing."

Huckabee then took a few questions from those in attendance.

A question about pairing up to bring the support from EVERY SIDE of the Republican and Conservative factions was made.

Huckabee stated, "My focus is getting people like Rex Rice elected now."

Another question was:

Should Republicans meet with the President?

"Yes ... but they should be prepared."

Rex's website:


* Conservatives Of The Upstate does not endorse any political candidate and was not compensated in any way for any promotion or structure of this posting.

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