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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Notes On The Town Hall Meeting With Lindsey Graham In Clemson 1/12/10


A number of members from Conservatives Of The Upstate attended the town hall meeting with Senator Lindsey Graham this past Tuesday January 12, 2010 in Clemson.

Lindsey Graham is our Federal Congressional Senator in Washington D.C. for the state of South Carolina.

Graham graduated from Daniel High School in Central.

He has a home in Seneca.

(Jim DeMint is the other Senator representing the lower part of SC)

His website is here:


Before the event:

For some reason the event wasn't very well publicized in the news.

Many conservatives were outside with signs - protesting Cap & Trade.


One person was removed after standing up and yelling about civil war if mandatory health care is passed. He had on a bright yellow shirt labelled "EXTREMIST".

Issues discussed:

• Fair or flat tax and the importance of a Republican presidential candidate to make this a #1 issue in 2012.

• Healthcare reform

• Tort reform / specifically legislating for a loser pays system

• Terrorism / terrorists being tried in military courts

• Immigration issues / Graham mentioned his very scary support of biometric social security cards
(A repeal & restatement of "U.S. citizen" in Amendment 14, Section 1, Sentence 1 of the Constitution would ease many immigration issues)

• A big focus/nearly 30 minutes - discussing energy policy and getting away from foreign oil dependency

The staging of this "town hall meeting" was hard to judge ... a lot of the event seemed planned rather than spontaneous ... while Lindsey Graham answered questions from all the current pot of issues ... he does know this area well and seemed to call on people he knew - purposely calling on a few weirdos to make it seem like some issues are brought up by whackos.

We are thankful to Senator Graham for having the courage and stamina to stand up for an hour and a half and then spend an additional 30 minutes discussing a few issues with people who stayed afterwards.

The Anderson Independent has a very good summary of the meeting:

Anderson Independent coverage of January 2010 Lindsey Graham Town Hall

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