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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Minimally Adequate?

Last night, house members Simrill (R) York and Smith (D) Columbia told how they were going to raise the gas tax 10¢ with the help of new Governor McMaster and they didn't stop there. They told how the state was in arrears in paying for education in SC. They said that the Abbeville case required the state to furnish "minimally adequate" education to our students, not just a free education to all students as required by the Constitution. 

''Minimally adequate"appears nowhere in the Constitution and is a figment of judge's imaginations. They said that a Statewide millage system on private property needs to be instituted to pay for some of this. There was an admission that the State pension system is in debt over $20 billion dollars and has to be fixed. 

Who will pay for that as there is a federal law on pension systems? So I ask all of you, who has told you for ages that all this would come home?

A simple suggestion is that the State do what the Constitution says and follow Article 11 Section 3 and Article 10 Section 5. Call the Judges who ruled "minimally adequate"that way on the carpet and start electing judges all over the state and take it out of the hands of the General Assembly. Adjust the pension plan to a 401k type plan for employees who have been in the system for less than ten years and put those entering now on this type plan like industry is doing; making the two comparable. Otherwise we are in for a financial disaster and multi-tax increases.

Junius Smith
President, Conservatives Of The Upstate 

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