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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

SC 1st Grade Social Studies Standards Beg Some Questions ...

South Carolina Standards for Social Studies Grade 1:


• the characteristics that contribute to personal identity

You need to be taught this BUT ... It shouldn't be a focused concept ... You ARE you and no one else. This gives the appearance of teaching about "identifying with bathrooms"

• elements of community life, including the structure of schools; typical jobs; the interdependence of family, school, and the community; and the common methods of transportation and communication.

The structure of schools? Beyond you go to Kindergarten- you graduate 12 years later, you go to college?

• Summary of the concept of authority and give examples of people in authority, including school officials, public safety officers, and government officials

Government officials have authority beyond being an elder to some? What authority does Senator Graham have over me?

• Identify ways that government affects the daily lives of individuals and [promotes] personal freedom and opportunity for all. 

Government - in this day - is promoting personal freedom and opportunity for all?

Well, government needs to talk to my wallet. My wallet shelled out money for a CWP and money for a healthcare plan that was worse than having nothing at all.

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