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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Unelected Offices Rarely Help You With Elected Offices ...

On the subject of unelected positions within government, you must consider the following;

Why would they investigate the people that put them there (i.e. elected officials)?The only one that can remove them ARE elected officials. So, for the most part, unelected bodies have little motivation to police or audit their activities or the activities of any branch of government they serve.

The ethics commission is made up of unelected people. They have the philosophy that if you break the law and benefit directly from your vote and yet others benefit too, that it is not against the law.  Legislators or elected Board members that vote on teacher pay increases or any other government employee that have a family member who is a teacher (retired or active) are in my opinion breaking the law (8-13-700).  

In the movie "The Kingdom Of Heaven" one of the stars of the show had the line: 

"You will be sorry that you didn't sin a little now for the greater good of later on."

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