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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The term "stakeholders" ...

Whenever you hear the word "stakeholders", please be reminded of this terminology with this quote ....

(Open question and answer with Dr. Kelly Pew, former School District Of Pickens County Superintendent.)

Pew: We consulted stakeholders when we decided if we wanted to adopt the common core standards.

Question from audience member: Can you identify who "stakeholders" are?

Pew: Stakeholders are students, parents, teachers, administrators, business, and community

Follow up from audience member: I'm a parent and I was not consulted about common core, I don't know anyone in the community who was consulted about it either.

Pew: Parents were not on the level of stakeholders we consulted.

CCPC uses the term "stakeholders" a lot. It's become a common term when our public officials are addressing the divvying of money.

Discourage your leaders from using this term. Stakeholders are taxpayers - period. When talking about spending our money - taxpayers should get a public forum MONTHS BEFORE SPENDING and/or a chance at a referendum.

The State is responsible for education. This means, we have all decided equally that we will support education as most as we possibly can - financially and soundly.

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