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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Opinion: Despicable You ...

From The School District Of Pickens County Student Handbook ...

Policy on bullying and harassment ...

The board of trustees prohibits acts of harassment, intimidation or bullying of a student by students, staff and 
third parties that interfere with or disrupt a student’s ability to learn and the school’s responsibility to educate its students in a safe and orderly environment whether in a classroom, on school premises, on a school bus or other school-related vehicle, at an official school bus stop, at a school-sponsored activity or event whether or not it is held on school premises, or at another program or function where the school is responsible for the student.

The most despicable act of injustice isn't lying, stealing, cheating, hating, or even murdering. Once you've done those things - they are done. They are known. With lies, eventually the truth prevails to the wise. A man that misses his lawnmower after a theft simply gets another and may even be happier. A man who is dead is dead. The consequences; the outcome for the killer, can be predicted. The most despicable act of injustice is bullying. 

The outcome of bullying is despicable because the bully gets twisted satisfaction out of it. Yet, the bully will never know the suicidal thoughts he's caused, the emotional and financial loss of depression, but more importantly - the spirit that bully was able to crush.

We can say "Don't let the bully win" to cheer up the ones whose spirit is crushed. But the reality is, kindness is hard to swallow once the bitter pill of the bully has poisoned your soul.

There are some bullies in Pickens County - visible and invisible, old and young, mature and immature, known and anonymous, acting concerned and acting disinterested. 

Are you supporting a bully? 

Are you despicable?

Rus Smith
Liberty, SC

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