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Monday, February 23, 2015

Signature Collection High / Tax Collection Should Remain Low

Conservatives of the Upstate has collected over 1300 signatures of Pickens County citizens who do not want a property tax hike in Pickens County.

We all know a huge portion of our county tax dollars go towards public schools.
A Cato Institute study found real per pupil spending was on the average 44% higher than the figure a school district publishes for citizens to see.

If taxpayers cannot trust that their tax dollars are being used wisely then there is a problem. Taxpayers need the SDPC to ensure that every dollar is not only accounted for but used effectively.

Taxpayers are losing their jobs and homes and this is not the time to be asking for more money, especially when there is a mistrust of the facts around how our hard earned dollars are being spent.

A married elderly couple who signed the petition shared their story: He had just had surgery to remove a growth on his face and his wife began to speak. As she began, tears welled up in her eyes, and her husband had to finish for her. He said they had cut their own budget at home as much as possible just so they could pay their taxes. He said a meal out for them was ordering off the Value Menu at McDonalds. He said they were so strapped for money they didn’t know where the money would come from next year if there was another property tax increase.

There is too much misinformation about this tax hike floating around.  We need a public forum where the pros and cons can be presented to WE THE PEOPLE. We also need to allow the voters to go to the polls and vote yes or no; after all, we are the ones paying for education. 

Johnnelle Raines

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