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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I've been into several of the schools ...

I don't SEE the need for technology ... I see the district fitting within the means that the state will fund this year and that the county already supplements.

An interesting thing has happened ...

Computing power has decreased dramatically. With the advent of tablets/smartphones/and mobile operating systems - programmers have become more talented. A computer from 2007 runs the same OS or the latest OS as fast as a computer from last week. 

Most computers I saw were Core 2 Duo 2.5Ghz or faster. Most computers sold today are Core i3/corei5 Dual Core 2.2Ghz//2.3Ghz - the new processor represents a slight decrease in clock speed but only a maximum of 12% gain on processing speed. Older computers can be upgraded, newer computers/tablets are completely integrated.

Is the district honestly saying it wants to move to Windows 8 with a steep learning curve and obsolescence by this fall?

I also question ANY new computer purchase beyond necessary replacement- seeing as a 2007 computer has roughly the same processing power of a Cray Super Computer from 2000. What kind of processing do kids need for test taking, word processing, watching videos, playing learning games, surfing the Internet or even editing movies and music. The Promethean Boards couldn't POSSIBLY require immense computing power. Upgrade the memory if they are slow.

To say that we need anything beyond a sponsored for the needy BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy shows a fundamental lack of knowledge of the future of computing. The cloud is not a storage medium - it's a processing power - you need any device with Internet to access this power. 

Facebook is not a website - it's a powerful application hosted on a server but you access with ANY device that connects to the Internet.

Rusty Smith

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