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Thursday, August 21, 2014

We've let the legal system take over the legal system?

One of the hardest concepts for me to grasp that I've heard out of this whole removing prayer from schools issue and really a lot of issues currently facing our country is that the 1st amendment is actually 5 amendments.


• There's case law (which I say if the words aren't exactly in the amendment then each "case" must be thought of individually BEFORE A JURY)

• Freedom of speech (with the infringement clause, see above regarding exact wording)

• Freedom of religion (with the exception of proselytizing and public practice that somehow has to be non secular and all inclusive)

• Freedom of protest and assembly as long as you're a certain distance and as long as your voice is in a normal tone, and as long as you take 3 minutes or time divided up equally in a 30 minute time period.

• And finally there's - if you have money & power - your rights matter - otherwise - you're goin' to jail OJ Simpson!

We've let the legal system take over the legal system.

What do you think is a real solution that can actually be implemented?

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