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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pickens County Senator Larry Martin Says He Cannot Support Constitutional Carry Legislation

South Carolina Senator Larry Martin, who was just elected to his fifth term, says that he "cannot support" the Constitutional Carry Bill before legislators in Columbia.

"I cannot vote to eliminate our concealed permit law," says Martin.

SC Bill S115 is called The Constitutional Carry Act Of 2013. The legislation would allow South Carolina residents to lawfully carry a weapon concealed or unconcealed without a permit.

Martin has also opposed most other gun measures including allowing teachers or school administration to carry guns on their person.

Martin stands in opposition to many Pickens County residents and positions that Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark has taken.

SC Senator Larry Martin is a Republican member of the South Carolina Senate , representing the 2nd District (Pickens County) since 1992.

State Senator Lee Bright, a Republican from Spartanburg, has prefiled the bill.

According to … Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming are the states that currently allow residents to carry a firearm without a permit.

Many at a public forum held in Greenville County Council chambers on Monday March 11, 2013 spoke in favor of the proposed bill.

Senator Martin says if the CWP laws are repealed in South Carolina, it will mean that citizens cannot lawfully carry weapons into other states where reciprocity laws apply. But, the comment doesn't address the fact that permits could still be obtained and training could be still be obtained from licensed instructors.

States like Utah have a reciprocity with many states concerning concealed weapons permits. Any South Carolina resident can apply for the permit.

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