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Monday, February 25, 2013

Dangling Fancy Words

This morning, The Greenville News posted this teaser headline on various social media:
"South Carolina’s share of $1.2 trillion in budget cuts scheduled to begin on Friday would mean millions of dollars in lost wages, and reduced services for children, seniors and battered women, among others, according to estimates the White House released Sunday night.

If a compromise cannot be reached, the cuts known as “sequestration” also would slash U.S. Army base operations funding in the Palmetto State by about $62 million, and funding for Air Force operations by some $19 million if the cuts continue through this year, according to the White House figures."
Here's some short commentary on the subject:

These ARE NOT budget cuts.

"Sequestration" means cuts to the scheduled INCREASES in the budget!

The media is dangling propoganda and buzz words … again.

Read this article about how the White House and Media are trying to threaten teachers:

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