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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dear Confused ...

Here's a comment received on ...
"I feel that the trail is just what we need. Support for the trail will grow. Maybe after the trail is made you will see as well. If not, I'm sorry you feel you are being under-minded."
COTU reply ...
I believe you're confused ...

I think all of us would "like" a nice trail.

We'd like one without using taxpayer money, without eroding private property rights, and one that will be a consensus among ALL county residents as a wise decision .

The issue is also priorities.

With Pickens getting 4+ new restaurants and a Walmart + all the economic activity it will bring ... We can't say that a trail will bring much, if any, economic activity.

Easley is even more bustling with economic activity at the current time.

We NEED roads paved, electrical lines buried, police protection, and most importantly ~ government who will put as little burden as possible on its citizens.

Last time I checked, I could walk out of my front door and have the whole earth as "my trail", we had great YMCA branches ~ 3 in Pickens County. We have two very walkable universities, we have accessible school and municipal rec facilities, we have gyms scattered throughout, and we have our body as our temple.

It is responsible to maintain your health.

It is a sacred contract between you and God ... not you and government.


  1. Please explain how the COTU is all about property rights but is infringing upon the rights of the railroad to sell the property to who they want. That sounds a lot like zoning; dictating how property can and can't be used.

  2. Your comment makes no sense so your question is unanswerable.



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