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Friday, June 8, 2012

Conservatives Of The Upstate Voices Support For School Board Member


The Pickens County Courier recently featured several Conservatives Of the Upstate members:


Melvin Watson, who said he has a child diagnosed with cerebral palsy, said that the real problem was not with Trotter or his alleged comments; instead it was with the news media.

“I’m really concerned that the news media did not need to magnify the rights of freedom of the press,” Watson said. “We must feed our own convictions and not let them magnify what we think or say. We need to have our words adhered to and spoken without any flowery magnification from the news media.”

“Brother Trotter, I thank you for having a thick skin, for having a strong conviction because you have stood up for what you believe to be right,” Watson said. “You have a dogged determination and you will not step down or cave in to these critics who speak against you. You speak your mind, and this resolve is lacking in our society.”

Junius Smith, of Conservatives of the Upstate shared Watson’s concerns about the news media’s reporting of allegations surrounding Trotter’s alleged remarks about special needs students in the district.

“I have made an extensive investigation of this whole thing,” Smith said. “The (result) that I came up with was that about half the people are not sure, and another half say it never happened and some say it did. And those that say it did I had to take from the newspaper.

“The thing that bothers me is with this type of information we have castigated a member of the board. And the reason that that man is sitting on the board here is because the previous school board were a bunch of spendthrifts and they broke our constitutional rights. The standards of the board were not very high, so let’s not give Mr. Trotter a hard time.”

For the full story read:

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