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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Good Riddance ...


Good Riddance TAP Program
by Ken Horbinski 
Thank you Mr. Gillespie, Trotter, Saitta and Mrs. Edwards for ending the TAP program.  
TAP is a teacher training, evaluation, and pay system from up above that demonstrates what is wrong with public education in our country. The way the financing of the program works is they take our federal tax dollars, send them to Washington and they offer our money back to us in the form of the TAP program. That is, we only receive our federal dollars back if we adopt their program. That is a big government/ liberal program. Top down education. 
We do not need the federal or state government telling us how to educate our students or train    our teachers. The best things in education today start at the local level in our counties, because it is focused on what parents want for their children, not what some politicians many hundreds of miles away think is best for our children.  
The TAP program starts out being financed by a grant, but after a few years the whole burden is on the Pickens County School District and this could take away from the money for teachers salaries and classroom supplies.  
Ken Horbinski

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