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Thursday, March 1, 2012

South Carolina Legislators Debating "Property Management Bill"


Link to the bill:

South Carolina's General Assembly is considering a new law that, if passed, will allow every county council to tell their residents how to maintain their own private property.

In effect, your county council will be able to turn your whole county into one big Home Owner's Association.

Can you imagine your county council telling you:

• how tall your grass may grow;

• what kind of portable storage container you may have on your property and how long you may keep it;

• how clear your pool may be, even during the winter;

• and how to maintain the general appearance and condition of your home and property.

One Mt. Pleasant woman spent six days in jail after being cited for a messy yard under a similar ordinance.

Since when did a messy yard become a crime?

What will be next?

Will they tell you what colors your home may be painted?

Will they tell you how old your car may be?

Will they tell you how many leaves can fall on your grass before you must rake them?

What happens when your parents who are on fixed incomes may not be able to manicure their yard as county council sees fit?

What about when your neighbor who is a single mother working two jobs just to put food on the table for her children doesn't have the time or money to landscape her yard to perfection?

What about you, when you go on vacation and the grass grows faster than you expected?

County Councils have no business being the neighborhood nanny!

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