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Monday, October 3, 2011

Spend While We Got It Train


School Board Needs Encouragement

Recently the Pickens County Taxpayer Association sent a letter to the School Board requesting they use the funds received from the sell of school property to reduce the debt. Your hard earned tax dollars were already spent to purchase the schools originally and the only fiscally responsible solution is to use the sale of these properties to pay down the debt on the new schools that have been built. It is my understanding that there are three main reasons why the present school board will ignore Pickens County Taxpayer Association's request. Those three reasons are: Dr. Herbert Cooper, Mrs. Judy Edwards, and Mr. Jim Shelton.

Alex Saitta, Ben Trotter, and Jimmy Gillespie have been fighting to not only support fiscally sound spending but also to save our taxpayer dollars. They have continually shown that fiscal responsibility is a priority. The other three board members are on board the train called... "Spend It While We Got It".

It was even brought up at a recent board meeting to spend the money on pay raises. But thanks to Alex Saitta this was countered. If your school board member is Dr. Hebert Cooper who represents the Clemson area, or Mrs. Judy Edwards representing the Easley area, or Mr. Jim Shelton representing the Dacusville area please call them or e-mail them and tell them you don't want the funds used for anything except paying down our debt. Remind them YOU ARE THEIR BOSS.

Johnnelle Raines
Conservatives Of The Upstate

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