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Monday, May 17, 2010


A straw poll was conducted just after last week's District 3 Candidate debate held by The Anderson Tea Party.

Here are the results:

Who won the debate?

Richard Cash (R) – 33.3%
Jeff Duncan (R) – 23.2%
Mike Vasovski (R) – 13.0%
Joe Grimaud (R) – 8.7%
Rex Rice (R) – 8.7%
Neal Collins (R) – 7.2%
Brian Doyle (D) – 4.3%
John Dalen (C) – 1.4%
Jane Dyer (D) - 0.0%

If the election were today, who would you vote for?

Richard Cash (R) – 32.1%
Jeff Duncan (R) – 23.1%
Joe Grimaud (R) – 14.1%
Mike Vasovski (R) – 12.8%
Rex Rice (R) – 6.4%
Neal Collins (R) – 6.4%
Brian Doyle (D) – 3.8%
John Dalen (C) – 1.3%
Jane Dyer (D) - 0.0%

* From

* Richard Cash is an Anderson resident

*Democratic candidate Jane Dyer did not participate in the debate

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