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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Rose Is Still A Rose By Any Other Name.


In our ongoing education about Sustainable Development ...

Here are some local, regional, and national organizations and names that promote these ideas within communities and in the media:

Upstate Forever

Vision 2025 / And other similarly titled "Vision" groups

Pickens County 2030 Plan

The Comprehensive Plan / And other similarly titled "Comprehensive Plan" groups

PCSD = Presidential Council For Sustainable Development

NGO = Non Governmental Organization / Most SD Groups are "volunteer"

National Education Strategy / Goals 2000

EPA = Environmental Protection Agency

Stakeholder Group

Land Use Project

Consensus Group

ICLEI = Internet Council For Local Environmental Initiatives


There are many more. All of these groups promote these messages with "saving money", "helping the environment", and "the right thing to do". Some of these organizations and groups have good ideas - but a lot are common sense and a lot are voluntary. Do you want to be MADE to do something? These groups have an "all or nothing" philosophy. You may agree with a few things the group does, but if you "go along" with the plan - you are going along with the WHOLE initiative.

Most of the rhetoric from these groups promotes happiness and harmony through parks, recreation, tourism, and better air to breathe. They promote their ideas as voluntary. Some even promote their ideas as being "free".

"Free" to a sustainable development group means - it's hidden how you pay for it. These groups waste resources at the local, county, state, and federal level - obtaining grants to fund the printing of propaganda brochures. They obtain grants and vouchers for their travel. They meet in government buildings - government buildings that cost taxpayers electricity, maintenance, and cleanup for each meeting. They obtain taxpayer dollar and resources to build websites. Also understand that these groups take away from other valid charities and take away from church tithing.

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