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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Notes on SC Governor Mark Sanford's Final State Of The State Address


Picture Of Mark Sanford/Screenshot of SC ETV broadcast

Tonight, Governor Mark Sanford gave his final state of the State address.

Here are a few notes:

[PARAPHRASE] We have an environment for change because of economic difficulty. We should look at this as a positive - essentially to live within our means.

"It's my hope that we will be "for the people" in the results we produce."

In reference to unfunded Federal mandates:

"History has consistently shown how governments spend themselves into oblivion and cause real pain for the taxpayer."

He spoke of the damages that Federal stimulus money and health care proposals has done and will do.

"If you can take one pearl of wisdom from this talk, I ask that you make your voice heard concerning jobs growth and the economy."

He mentioned the tools a Governor needs:

• Electing a Governor and Lieutenant Governor on the same ticket.

• Let the voters decide whether officials should be appointed or elected.

• There can be no accountability without transparency.

"Thank you for passing the first cut to the marginal income tax in South Carolina history."

"$260 million dollars have stayed in the hands of taxpayers."

"Thank you for passing workers compensation reform."

"Thank you for passing the small business health care bill."

Sanford mentioned his work on reform of the Department of Motor Vevicles (DMV).

(This IS something Sanford deserves great praise for.)

"Wait times at the DMV has gone from 66 minutes to 16 minutes."

He discussed progress on school choice in South Carolina.

He discussed the importance of the State's balanced budget requirement.

He discussed the State employee health care savings plan and how it's saved the State millions.

Representative Harry Ott (House Minority Leader) delivered the response speech afterward.

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