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Friday, November 20, 2009

Cash For Congress Rally

Tonight, we attended a
BBQ & RALLY for Richard Cash.

He spoke for thirty minutes after a catered barbeque, slaw and beans meal.

Here is some of the information Cash gave at the rally:

• Unlike the other candidates that he'll run against in the June 8th Republican Primary ... he isn't a lawyer and hasn't held an office. He is a very successful businessman and a father of 8 children.

• He is running for (Federal) Congressional House of Representatives Seat / 3rd Congressional District. He identifies himself as Republican.

• The main focus of his campaign is a return to God and Family.

• He has led many pro-life campaigns in the upstate.

• He is a graduate of Furman University. He also attended Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts.

• He and his wife are active members of Christ Church Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Anderson SC.

• He says,

"I am absolutely committed to this country because of my 8 children, potential 30 grandchildren and my great grandchildren."

• He is for term limits and he promises himself not to serve more than 10 years.

• He had this anecdote:

"A recession is when your neighbor loses his job.
A depression is when you lose your job.
A recovery is when Obama loses his job."

• Richard compared America to a ship off course, currently in cold waters, ready to hit a large iceberg.

He also took what he called "The Bottled Water Pledge" as he held up a bottle of water. He said,

" I pledge to drink only bottled water while in Washington because there seems to be something in the water up there."

Take a look at Richard's website:


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  1. The Cash for Congress Rally was a tremedous success with approximately 400 people in attendance! Richard gave a well received speech! Donations exceeded espectations and a goodly number of pledges were made on the donation cards! Good food, good fellowship, and lively entertainment were the order of the evening! More of these events are planned! Hope to see you there!



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