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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Let's Just NOT Talk About Sister City

I just watched the last Pickens County Council Meeting Video of May 14th here is the link on Facebook as they had not posted it on their main web page at the time I wrote this letter to the editor: Chairman Roy Costner discusses Sister City at approximately the 1:09:38 mark in the video.

Chairman Costner recommended they “NOT talk about Sister City" anymore and should pull it out of the budget and not fund this idea.

Watching the video made it clear to me the Chairman is advocating to still pursue a connection with Karlsrhue through other means.

Costner seems to think there are only “7 people “ who object to the Sister City program initiative and that those 7 are just throwing stones and being judgmental. He furthermore states that the majority of the Karlsrhue citizens attend church more than Pickens County citizens do and we shouldn't be worried about the unvetted Syrian Muslim refugee problem they have or the fact the majority of their citizens are liberal minded. My research shows that Germany is far from being church going...

I don't know about you, but I know liberals who go to church every Sunday...just because you go to church on Sunday doesn't mean you are a Conservative and have Conservative family values. Is it just that Costner doesn't understand the threat of liberalism ideology on our county ...or is it he's fine with our students "exchanging ideas" with liberals and being in an unsafe environment with Islamic refugees when they travel to Karlsrhue for cultural exchange? I am not sure which. But please know that the idea of student exchanges is NOT DEAD with this council. They just aren't going to "talk about it" with the public any more according to the video.

The number one job of government is to protect its citizenry and keep them safe. Sending students over to Germany right now is NOT being safety minded...

Stay vigilant my friends as they will be meeting behind closed doors calling it economic development and “not talking” about Sister City and hoping you forget what they are up to. In other words... they are taking Sister City out of budget and not fund it and not talk about it...however they will continue to pursue the idea of it in other ways. 

Reminds me of a previous council who ignored the will of the people on building new schools and made it happen via the “Greenville Plan”. 

Written by 

Johnnelle Raines 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Figuring out fake news ...

Why do democrats now want to combat “fake news”?

After reading a thread from Easley Rep. Neal Collins - who has many admitted democrats posting in the forum - he has people convinced in the false premises of ...

1) This country is a representative democracy

(It is a strict constitutional republic, and many founding documents state such.)

so therefore ...

2) The legislature should appoint more positions rather than the people voting for them

(The constitution of the State of South Carolina has to be changed in order to change an office from elected to appointed. Changing our constitution should be the furthest action from any legislator’s mind.)

so therefore ...

3) Many of our education problems could be solved if lobbying were more prominent rather than campaigning and debating.

(An appointed superintendent will always go with the process rather than the solution.

The solution is, we need a superintendent who will respond and be accountable to the people - remove CBE, remove ESSA, reduce credit hours and allow anything above 16 hours to apply to tech/trade school credit, do not accept federal funding, combine school districts into county wide districts (creating slimmer, more efficient admin), pay teachers at a state level (pay grade should be merit and tenure - district level pay creates a false notion of competition), bring back stricter discipline policies (not corporal punishment just stricter)

An appointed superintendent will do none of that or try none of that.

Don’t we want less government, more say so, fair ethical participation?

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

May 2018 COTU meeting agenda …

Conservatives of the Upstate
Agenda for May 8, 2018 Meeting

to be held at Silver Bay Restaurant6:30pm

1. Call to Order and Welcome
2. Prayer
3. Pledge
4. Pass around contact information notebook
5. Treasury Report
6. Minutes from April meeting

7. Report on Azalea Festival Booth success 
8. Report on FOIA request on Sister City
9. Report on needing people to step up and help candidates in the June Rep. primary
10.  Introduction of Speakers for tonight Alan Quinn and Philip Healy 15 minutes each
11.  Questions for Speaker
12.  Prayer and Adjourn

Next membership meeting with speaker will be in June to be announced 

For updates please monitor www.conservativesoftheupstate web site as well as Concerned Voters of Pickens County the Whole Truth Facebook page***

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

May 2018 County Council Meeting ...

Please attend and speak up about the significant tax increase being voted on.

Elected judges needed in SC ...

Some of you may not know, but I live in Chattanooga Tennessee and I own a home in Liberty. 

My father (founder of COTU) and my brother both own farms in Six Mile respectively. I have many friends in Pickens County that I advocate for by voice and writing almost daily. I was campaign manager on some very successful County and Federal campaigns in SC.

Having dealt with and been cheated by a horrible judicial system in SC, I made it a mission to seek a solution. That solution is electing judges at all positions. 

Some say this politicizes a position that should be unbiased. To that I say, would you rather not know how they might rule before you place them in a position of power? Would you rather the judiciary be appointed by a corrupt legislature that will rubber stamp any illegal tax or property grab or unconstitutional spending?

At least if you elect a judge, you have recourse for their bad decisions. 

Yes, I feel they should not be partisan, but I do feel you should know with what they identify with - conservative or progressive principals. If we knew before hand, we could hold them accountable. When they ok a surplus to go to pet projects or a fifth top coat on a Charleston road - we can “remind” voters on Election Day.

Yesterday, I helped a personally vetted circuit court judge be elected by holding signs for 3 hours during lunch. He was elected.

Let’s do this in SC! 

Written by
Philip Smith

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Meet the candidates at the next COTU Meeting ...

Conservatives of the Upstate welcome Pickens County candidates Philip Healy and Allan Quinn to speak at their May 8th membership meeting - open to the public.

The meeting will be held at Silver Bay Restaurant in Easley on May 8th at 6:30PM.

You do not have to purchase food to attend.

Allan Quinn is running for the Easley District 5 House seat currently held by Neal Collins and Philip Healy is running for the Pickens District 4 seat presently held by David Hiott. They each will speak 15 minutes on why they are running for their seat and then the floor will be opened for questions.

This is a great opportunity to meet and greet and vet the new candidates. 

Hope to see you there. 

Tell the hostess upon arrival you are there for the Conservatives of the Upstate meeting and she will point you to our section of seating.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Azalea Festival Booth A Success ...

The Conservatives of The Upstate had a successful result from our booth at the Azalea Festival yesterday! We had a total of 27 people sign on as members !  Many more picked up information and stopped by to tell us thank you for having a booth and promoting conservatism. Many picked up free pocket Constitutions that Steve Haynie provided. 

Thank you to Kathy Deweese Murphy Nix and Steve Haynie for helping with the booth and Barbara Holcomb’s for logistics and funding.

 Junius and Carol Smith, the founders of our group were there in spirit, but couldn’t attend due to their health issues and were missed... please send thoughts and prayers their way.

Interesting fact... Rep David Hiott was there escorting candidate for SC Governor Catherine Templeton around and introduced her to several booths ... even the one  right beside us - but he ignored bringing her to our booth. 

Our next monthly meeting will be May 8th at 6:30PM. Our guest speakers will be Allan Quinn and Philip Healy who are both running for elected office in Pickens County.  

More on this meeting will be posted soon.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Summary of April 2018 COTU Meeting ...

Last night’s COTU meeting was very informative. 

The discussions were honest and open. 

Trey Whitehurst was our speaker. It is clear he is a conservative and it is clear we need more council members who think conservatively. 

We had one new member who is concerned about the Sister City agenda and wants the council to put this proposal to the people in a referendum. 

The lack of high paying jobs in our county was discussed as well as the issue of those type of jobs always going to Greenville. The expense of contracting a NGO to bring high paying jobs here is not producing desired results. 

Also discussed was the disappointment of our county having to go up on the millage rate and thus, our personal property  taxes will be raised. Poor management and overspending is the root cause.

If we don’t show up in large numbers to the county council meetings ... nothing will change. The council will keep on this same path of not being conservative with YOUR tax dollars. You have no one to blame but yourself for apathy.... 


The June primary will be here soon ... please show up at the polls and vote for TRUE conservative candidates. 

Come see us at our booth Saturday at the Azalea Festival... we have good information on how to stop Pickens from becoming progressive.. Our booth is near the Courthouse.